Three of Cups

Three of Cups

The card shows how you enjoy meeting up friends and closed ones. This card signifies celebration and rejoicing time. It shows the importance and need of healing energies of body, mind and spirit. It depicts good fortune, resolution of people and goals.

Three of Cups Tarot Card Description

In the card you will see three women dancing together and celebrating in a circle. Each one of them is holding a cup and has raised it high in the air as the symbol of toast and celebration. They are looking at each other with respect, emotion and honour. The bond painted on the card shows that they share a very good understanding and friendship.

It shows that they respect each other’s uniqueness and contribution that each one of them has made. They are seen supporting and encouraging each other. There is no barren land seen like other cards of Minor Arcana. Instead the land seen here is layered with flowers, fruits, pumpkins which signify good results and achievements due to good time harvested.

Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

It is a card which shows immense celebration. It depicts collaboration, creativity and sisterhood. You will get immense support from family. Which will help to lift your level of success. It shows a true friendship with friends which supports in both thick and thin times. The card indicates unconditional support that has existed amongst you for a very long time and continues to be so. You witness each other’s journey in all aspects of life.  You know you can count on each other at any point of time.

If this card comes up for you then this signals you to reach out for your close friends and have a good time with them. Share your feelings and rejoice that you have them in life. You can also be inspired to organise a get together with friends or you might go out on a trip. Your energy is very high and when you are together with your friends or your well-wishers then you can do a lot of amazing things.

This card shows a period when you will socialise the most due to a wedding, birthday party or holiday. Do not nag or worry about deadlines and daily routine. Instead go out and have fun with your friends.

It also indicates meeting like-minded people and collaborating with them on projects which are creative. Your collective efforts will lead to greater achievements. You can also join a creative class, it will be a great way to feel fresh and also stay fit. It will keep off the stress and will also help you access your creative abilities.

Upright Three of Cups Card Prediction for Love

Singles, it is likely that someone from your past will appear and you will be involved with that person romantically. After a long period of loneliness you will find a lot of potential options as partners or suitors. Those who are in a relationship will get a chance to celebrate and move forward as in the form of marriage, engagement or baby shower or you will attend a lot of weddings.

Upright Three of Cups Card Prediction for Career

There are high chances of launching a new event or business if you have it in the pipeline. For students who are studying, the course is likely to complete on a good note. Working people will enjoy a good atmosphere at the workplace. You will handle all kinds of teams at work. It also indicates promotion or job offer to land in your cradle. Good inflow of money and spending is also at a good level.

Upright Three of Cups Card Prediction for Health

Overindulgence in parties and social gathering can take a toll on your health. Enjoy but remember not to indulge too much into such extravagances, remember to keep a check.

Three of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The reversed card depicts that you want to be alone. You might have given most of your time in socialising but now you want to be alone. There are high chances that you don’t click with anyone in your circle and are planning to move on. You might also feel left out or alone because of that you want to be alone now. Respect your decision to step out of any awkward side or scene to decide with who you really want to connect.

If you are working on a creative project and you do not want to work in a group then you can take a stand and move out. It might be that the close knit group you are associated with is rigid and not innovative or favours changes.

You need to decide whether you are ready to surrender, bury your creativity or follow what they ask you to do. If you had been exerting yourself and working too hard then take time off get your confidence back. Then get back to reality and deal with issues. Meet those whom you had ignored all this while due to your work priority.

nIt may also mean for some an indication to stop partying in excess. Keep a check on your action. For some it might signify being involved with someone who is already with another person. Get down to knowing about it and get clarity for your self-respect.

Reversed Three of Cups Prediction for Love 

A short term relationship which will end soon is foreseen if you are single. There are high chances of meeting an old flame and will be happy that it ended with them. Those who are in a relationship this might not be a great ard for you. High chances for celebration to cancel. Watch your back as people might not appear as they truly are. Miscariage can be seen on charts for those hoping for a baby. If you are not then you have to be more cautious to avoid the mishap of getting pregnant.

Reversed Three of Cups Prediction for Career 

People behind your back might be sabotaging the project you are dedicated to in order to make you look bad. Cancellation of an event or launch is possible. Try to manage your spending in order to keep a check on financial imbalance. 

Reversed Three of Cups Prediction for Health 

Too much partying is surely not good for your health. Overindulgence in alcohol and stress can give rise to some serious problems. Time to get your act together and follow a healthy regime.


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