King of Swords

King of Swords

King of Swords Tarot Card Description

When the King of Swords appears in a reading, he denotes an intellectual and authoritative man of over 35 years who can be rigid, strict and inflexible when it comes to sticking to rules. He is blessed with analytical thinking and ethics. A great communicator, he encourages high standards because of his honest and impartial nature. But he can be cut off from his feelings which may be expressed more as cynicism, sarcasm and fierce independence.

As a situation, the King of Swords reminds you to keep your expectations realistic and think with your head rather than your heart.

King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning 

 In the Rider Waite deck, the card shows a king seated on his throne, facing forward with a sword in his right hand pointing upright. The sword is tilted slightly to the left, indicative of the intuitive mind. The king is thus, ready to confront whatever life throws at him and while making decisions based mostly on his intellectual understanding, he stays open to his intuition. He seems to take guidance from the angel who is present near his left ear. He wears a blue tunic (symbolising spiritual knowledge) and a purple cape. His throne is decorated with butterflies and crescent moons.
Upright King of Swords Card Prediction for Career

When the King of Swords comes in a career spread, it shows that you will not be a risk-taker. You will like to plan and access with great thought before implementing any decision. You can be a brilliant academician and also offer very good career advice to others.

But on the darker side, you lack spontaneity and only go ahead if things make sense to you. You can also be intolerant of those who do not possess a similar mind and get impatient with them.

The card as a trait indicates that you need to think and organise your thoughts in a more logical manner before you act in your career. To be successful, you are advised to carefully plan and risk assessment.

 When this card comes in a financial spread, it indicates growth and development. But for that, you need to understand your financial situation and take steps to improve it. Be generous towards others and you will benefit from this action multifold.
Upright King of Swords Card Prediction for Love

In a love reading, the card indicates that you need a partner of equal intellect to be truly happy as you enjoy being challenged intellectually. Since you are a quick thinker, you plan well and your partner can get to learn a lot from you.

But on the darker side, if you do not get an intellectual partner, you may remain in your head and not in your heart. So, there may not be any emotional connection with your partner as you remain detached. You can also be strongly opinionated.

You need to be more cautious in your approach towards a relationship and plan your future well. Be more organised and balanced while dealing with your loved ones.

Upright King of Swords Card Prediction for Health
When the King of Swords comes in a health reading for you, it can indicate kidney problems and diabetes. It also suggests that you may have to undergo some surgery because of an illness or injury.

You need to get your health back in order and for that, you should follow a fitness regime of eating healthy and sleeping on time.

 As a Yes/No card-Maybe card.

King of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the King of Swords appears reversed in a reading, it can indicate a very intelligent older man/woman who is misusing his/her mental power, authority and drive. They like to show-off to others their smartness by using big words or talking about topics that the other is not very knowledgeable about. They only care for themselves.
 When reversed, the King of Swords meaning shows the king removed from his throne. Because of this loss, he resorts to manipulation and persuasion to fulfil selfish needs. The card may represent you or it could be someone older in your life who can be critical and very stern in his manner.
Sometimes the card also points to this person needing professional help from a counsellor or a close friend because of their manic state of mind.

Reversed King of Swords Prediction for Career

 When the King of Swords comes reversed in a career spread, it cautions you to be wary of an older man who may be charming and intelligent but is not there to help you as he only has his own personal interest in mind. He will do anything to achieve these interests even if it means stepping on others.

He can be quite a tyrant, especially verbally and a ‘loose cannon’. He will mock any new ideas that you may propose and censor them. He is not a pleasant person to be around and is likely to put you down often and leave you feeling demoralised. Do not make him look bad or challenge his authority as he is prone to aggression and angry outbursts.

If you are looking for a job, you may be indecisive about where you want to head or where your best opportunities lie as you are feeling very lost and uncertain about your options. This lack of decision means a lack of direction at this time and the longer you wait to take it, the more you delay your fulfilment.

 In a financial spread, this card reversed indicates that you need to be more meticulous and self-disciplined about your finances. It is important to act with integrity while dealing with money matters.

Reversed King of Swords Prediction for Love

In a love reading, the reversed card could indicate that you are in an abusive relationship. Your partner may be an opinionated, stubborn, forceful and even dishonest person. While you may just have to accept him as he is, do not allow him to cross a certain line with you. He has a blunt side and a dangerous side to him and so you need to navigate yourself carefully around him. This person could even be losing touch with reality and unaware of the consequences of his actions.

If you haven’t yet committed to him, it is advisable that you move on as such a person will not be available emotionally for you. He will only add stress and despair in your life.
Reversed King of Swords Prediction for Health

When the King of Swords comes reversed in a health reading for you, it suggests that your doctor may not take your health concerns seriously. And so it is better that you take another doctor’s opinion.

The reversed card can also suggest some serious mental health problems.
As a Yes/No card-No card.

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