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Baby Names

Your name is the foundation of you as a person and defines the purpose of life. It is very important to analyse, think and then decide on the name of your child, as it will mark his or her identification for a lifetime.

To help you in the process and make the right choice, here is the solution! Choose from a pool of latest baby names for both girls and boys categorised according to the alphabets. You can also find Unique Indian baby names as per zodiac sign (Rashi)


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Unique Indian Baby Names and Meanings

Since Astrology and Numerology have gained so much popularity, they are now expanding to a number of different areas. Parents nowadays, especially in India, not only consult the mythological stories to choose a desirable and lucky name for their new-born babies, but also choose one that would be compatible with their astrological sign.

Astrology has always played a significant role for new parents, especially when it comes to choosing the right name for their baby. Naming a baby based on his/her Sun sign or Raashi is considered to bring good luck. Since each sun sign also influences the individual’s personality, it has specific letters and syllables that are considered appropriate while naming the baby. Here are some suggested examples on various personality traits associated with each sign and the corresponding syllables that you can use to start your baby's name with. For example, since Taurus is supposed to be quoted as loving and loyal individuals, naming your Taurus baby with the first letter as W, or O, or I could bring luck and harmony in your baby’s life. Similarly, an ambitious and witty Gemini baby would benefit considerably if he/she would be named from the letters H, or Ka, or even A.

With the help of Name numerology, you can now find a compatible and euphonious name for your baby. Not only does this allow you to choose a name of your liking, but you can also become aware of the meanings associated with the name.

Your baby’s numerology name can determine whether or not, her/his life will be peaceful, successful and positive as he/she grows up. It indicates that the type of people and the quality of people your baby would attract in his/her life. It also indicates the nature of the experience your baby may face, the kind of life she/he will live and opportunities and threats that would come in her/his life.

There are certain connotations with the first and last letters in a name as well. The first alphabet indicates how the person approaches and manages difficulties while the last alphabet indicates the person’s tenaciousness to complete a task. Thus, it is advised that you choose a baby name that will be in harmony with your baby’s birth number.

In Indian numerology, names can be identified in many ways. One of the ways is to choose the first letter for a name, and then the parents can choose any name starting with that letter, for their baby. In another way, the name expression number of a desired name is calculated, and then matched with the date of birth of the baby to see if they are compatible. Vedic astrology also suggests choosing a name for your baby by looking at the Nakshatras and Rasi in his/her birth chart. Nowadays, parents often choose suitable names for their babies according to their zodiac sign.

Here is a short list of baby names, according to different regions and religions around the world- some Australian baby names include Aaron, Malek, Sandra; while some American baby names include Adam, Alexia, Dan, Tara; and some Indian baby names include Aditya, Aastha, Mohit, Sameer and so on.

There is a new trending method that many people are using while choosing a baby name. Many people are now choosing baby names inspired by the Solar System. Though this process yields general and universal baby names, and does not take into account the uniqueness of the baby, many people have been quite intrigued by the novel names suggested. A few names include, Atlas, Halley, Phoenix, Zeke etc. These names are largely popular in the Western countries of the World.

If you have a basic idea in mind, you can consult an Astrologer to help you choose a name for your baby. Astrologers can help you choose a baby name by analysing the gender, and the alphabets you want the baby’s name to start and end with, your background (religion, ethnicity, origin). They can suggest the names to you, along with their meanings.

In a similar manner, going a step further, you can choose a suitable and harmonious name for your baby on the basis of his/her numerology number.

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