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Feast and Festival 2019

Festivals are an important part of our lives; they represent the beauty of our culture and our age old traditions. India is one of the most religiously and ethnically diverse nations in the world and almost every state in our country has their own traditional festival and feast associated with it. Every festival has its own special goodies –sweet has to be mandatory, because festivals are celebrated and are happy moments and Indians will never allow any happy moment to pass without serving something sweet to eat.So, many festivals actually turn into a festival of sweets.Thats our tradition. India is a country where every religion celebrates some or the other festival and every change of season calls for a festival.

Each and every festival is celebrated uniquely in different ways according to the ritual and beliefs.

While during the Hindu festivals of Holi and Diwali, people of all faiths get together, giving the message of brotherly love and celebrating the victory of good over evil, similarly, during the Holy month of Ramzan; people forget their differences (if there are any) and embrace and greet each other on Eid. They partake of the feast together in all the festivals. Gifts are exchanged. Similarly, all faiths of people celebrate Christmas and recall the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ for the betterment of humanity. With equal fervor, the birthdays and death anniversaries of our great leaders are also celebrated.

While festivals play a very important role in bringing people from different religions together, they also help in making people forget their problems since festivals are full of fun and happiness.

When we celebrate festivals, we also stay connected to our culture. In this section of Astroyogi, you will get to learn about the major festivals celebrated in India. You will learn which festival falls on which day and what will be the auspicious time for doing pooja during these festivals.Also, how that particular festival is to be celebrated, which deity is to be worshipped and how. You will also learn the story behind the celebration of the festival. And more. You can find the answers to many of your questions here.

While you can get detailed information about the major festivals in our section, at the same time you can refer to information about the coming festivals    from the monthly calendar.