Festival 2022

Festival 2022

Being the land of festivals, India thrives on celebrating the spirit of coming together on these auspicious occasions of festivals. In a diverse country like India where cultures, religions, languages, and people blend together beautifully, festivals 2022 are just another excuse to depict the spirit of “unity in diversity!”

The country exemplifies the act of existing harmoniously as a large number of festivals are celebrated around the nation, showcasing its rich cultural heritage and traditions. While these celebrations happen all around the year and across the diverse geographical landscape of our country, the period between October to January is especially full of the vibrant, celebratory spirit associated with a festival.

Highlights of the Day

01 Jul 2022 ( Friday ) Ashaadha Shukla, Tritiiya - 15:18:27
Sun Rise Moon Rise
bell icon 05:44:30 - 19:16:51 bell icon 07:21:06 - 21:15:09
Tithi Tritiiya
Nakshatra Pushya
Paksha Shukla
Moon Sign Kark
Sun Sign Mithun

Indian Festivals

Jagannath Rathyatra
Jagannath Rathyatra
Friday, July 1, 2022
Vinayaka Chaturthi
Vinayaka Chaturthi
Sunday, July 3, 2022
Skanda Sashti
Skanda Sashti
Monday, July 4, 2022
Masik Durgashtami
Masik Durgashtami
Thursday, July 7, 2022
Gauri Vrat Begins *Gujarat
Gauri Vrat Begins *Gujarat
Saturday, July 9, 2022
Eid al-Adha
Eid al-Adha
Sunday, July 10, 2022

Highlights of the Day

01 Jul 2022 ( Friday ) Ashaadha Shukla, Tritiiya - 15:18:27
Sun Rise Moon Rise
bell icon 05:44:30 - 19:16:51 bell icon 07:21:06 - 21:15:09
Tithi Tritiiya
Nakshatra Pushya
Paksha Shukla
Moon Sign Kark
Sun Sign Mithun

Hindu Calendar

bell icon
bell icon
bell icon
Ashaadha - Shravana
bell icon05:43:14 bell icon04:02:31
Chaturdashi 19:16:29
27 Chaturdashi
bell iconVrishabha 17:59:35
bell iconRohini 19:05:55
bell icon05:43:31 bell icon04:47:11
Amavasya 19:16:36
28 Amavasya
bell iconMithun 18:52:55
bell iconMrigashirsha 22:09:29
bell icon05:43:51 bell icon05:35:45
Prathama 19:16:43
29 Prathama
bell iconMithun 19:43:57
bell iconAardra 22:09:05
bell icon05:44:10 bell icon06:27:29
Dvitiiya 19:16:47
30 Dvitiiya
bell iconKark 20:31:34
bell iconPunarvasu 01:08:16
bell icon05:44:30 bell icon07:21:06
Tritiiya 19:16:51
1 Tritiiya
bell iconKark 21:15:09
bell iconPunarvasu 03:57:33
bell icon05:44:50 bell icon08:15:21
Chaturthi 19:16:52
2 Chaturthi
bell iconKark 21:54:47
bell iconPushya 06:31:55
bell icon05:45:10 bell icon09:09:18
Panchami 19:16:53
3 Panchami
bell iconSingh 22:31:06
bell iconAslesha 08:44:43
bell icon05:45:31 bell icon10:02:35
Shashthi 19:16:53
4 Shashthi
bell iconSingh 23:05:03
bell iconMagha 10:31:51
bell icon05:45:53 bell icon10:55:31
Shashthi 19:16:52
5 Shashthi
bell iconKanya 23:37:44
bell iconP.Phalguni 11:44:10
bell icon05:46:16 bell icon11:48:49
Saptami 19:16:51
6 Saptami
bell iconKanya 00:10:24
bell iconU.Phalguni 12:20:19
bell icon05:46:38 bell icon12:43:31
Ashtami 19:16:47
7 Ashtami
bell iconKanya 00:10:24
bell iconHasta 12:14:46
bell icon05:47:02 bell icon13:40:52
Dashami 19:16:41
8 Dashami
bell iconTula 00:44:27
bell iconChitra 11:25:39
bell icon05:47:26 bell icon14:41:59
Ekadashi 19:16:36
9 Ekadashi
bell iconTula 01:21:30
bell iconSvaati 09:56:08
bell icon05:47:50 bell icon15:47:25
Dvadashi 19:16:29
10 Dvadashi
bell iconVrishchik 02:03:20
bell iconVishaakha 07:50:18
bell icon05:48:13 bell icon16:56:23
Trayodashi 19:16:20
11 Trayodashi
bell iconVrishchik 02:51:56
bell iconAnuraadha 05:16:30
bell icon05:48:37 bell icon18:06:11
Chaturdashi 19:16:11
12 Chaturdashi
bell iconDhanu 03:48:38
bell iconJyeshtha 02:22:32
bell icon05:49:02 bell icon19:12:40
Purnima 19:16:00
13 Guru Purnima
bell iconDhanu 04:53:16
bell iconP.shadha 23:18:59
bell icon05:49:28 bell icon20:12:26
Prathama 19:15:48
14 Prathama
bell iconMakar 06:03:10
bell iconU.shada 20:18:19
bell icon05:49:52 bell icon21:04:13
Tritiiya 19:15:36
15 Tritiiya
bell iconMakar 07:14:06
bell iconDhanishta 15:11:11
bell icon05:50:18 bell icon21:48:47
Chaturthi 19:15:21
16 Chaturthi
bell iconKumbh 08:22:29
bell iconDhanishta 13:26:27
bell icon05:50:43 bell icon22:27:58
Panchami 19:15:05
17 Panchami
bell iconKumbh 09:26:39
bell iconShatabhisha 12:25:58
bell icon05:51:10 bell icon23:03:35
Shashthi 19:14:50
18 Shashthi
bell iconMeen 10:26:40
bell iconP.Bhadrapada 12:13:56
bell icon05:51:35 bell icon23:37:20
Saptami 19:14:32
19 Saptami
bell iconMeen 11:23:29
bell iconU.Bhadrapada 12:52:54
bell icon05:52:02 bell icon00:10:45
Ashtami 19:14:13
20 Ashtami
bell iconMesh 12:18:21
bell iconRevati 14:19:14
bell icon05:52:28 bell icon00:10:45
Navami 19:13:52
21 Navami
bell iconMesh 13:12:20
bell iconAshvini 16:26:09
bell icon05:52:54 bell icon00:45:07
Dashami 19:13:31
22 Dashami
bell iconMesh 14:06:16
bell iconBharani 19:03:01
bell icon05:53:20 bell icon01:21:36
Ekadashi 19:13:08
23 Ekadashi
bell iconVrishabha 15:00:31
bell iconKrittika 22:01:41
bell icon05:53:46 bell icon02:01:12
Dvadashi 19:12:44
24 Dvadashi
bell iconVrishabha 15:54:52
bell iconRohini 22:01:28
bell icon05:54:13 bell icon02:44:36
Trayodashi 19:12:20
25 Trayodashi
bell iconMithun 16:48:32
bell iconMrigashirsha 01:06:20
bell icon05:54:39 bell icon03:31:59
Chaturdashi 19:11:55
26 Chaturdashi
bell iconMithun 17:40:20
bell iconMrigashirsha 04:10:32
bell icon05:55:06 bell icon04:22:54
Chaturdashi 19:11:28
27 Chaturdashi
bell iconMithun 18:29:07
bell iconAardra 07:05:20
bell icon05:55:31 bell icon05:16:15
Amavasya 19:10:59
28 Amavasya
bell iconKark 19:14:01
bell iconPunarvasu 09:47:13
bell icon05:55:58 bell icon06:10:43
Prathama 19:10:30
29 Prathama
bell iconKark 19:54:57
bell iconPushya 12:13:05
bell icon05:56:24 bell icon07:05:07
Dvitiiya 19:09:59
30 Dvitiiya
bell iconSingh 20:32:19
bell iconAslesha 14:20:30
bell icon05:56:50 bell icon07:58:51
Tritiiya 19:09:27
31 Hariyali Teej
bell iconSingh 21:06:54
bell iconMagha 16:07:03
bell icon05:57:15 bell icon08:51:54
Chaturthi 19:08:55
1 Chaturthi
bell iconSingh 21:39:42
bell iconP.Phalguni 17:29:46
bell icon05:57:41 bell icon09:44:43
Panchami 19:08:20
2 Nag Panchami
bell iconKanya 22:11:55
bell iconU.Phalguni 18:24:03
bell icon05:58:07 bell icon10:38:14
Shashthi 19:07:47
3 Shashthi
bell iconKanya 22:44:47
bell iconHasta 18:48:08
bell icon05:58:31 bell icon11:33:26
Saptami 19:07:11
4 Saptami
bell iconTula 23:19:43
bell iconChitra 18:38:45
bell icon05:58:56 bell icon12:31:29
Ashtami 19:06:34
5 Ashtami
bell iconTula 23:58:20
bell iconSvaati 17:52:13
bell icon05:59:22 bell icon13:33:11
Navami 19:05:55
6 Navami
bell iconVrishchik 00:42:29
bell iconVishaakha 16:31:16
bell icon05:59:47 bell icon14:38:30
Dashami 19:05:17
7 Dashami
bell iconVrishchik 00:42:29
bell iconAnuraadha 14:38:29

Indian Festivals and Cultural Diversity

India is a country where many different cultures, religions, and languages amalgamate into forming one nation. We coexist amidst our differences and try to uplift each other to further uplift the country on the world’s map. This is a country where each community and religion celebrates not only their special occasions as per the Indian calendar 2022 but also the ones of their fellow countrymen. Every day is thus a new day of celebration for the Indians living not only in the country but also for those who are living abroad.

Top 5 Indian Festivals:

Festivals are an important part of the culture of India. They are an extremely important part of the celebrations in this country. We epitomize the spirit of being together despite the diversity prevalent in every aspect of this country and its people. Every festival is celebrated with an increased vigor and enthusiasm regardless of which religion it belongs to. For us, it is merely an excuse to get together and let go of our worries as we enjoy the festivities together. The citizens of the country together hang in the Christmas lights and deck their balconies with diyas during Diwali. The colors of Holi drench one and all while Pongal festivities are celebrated all around the country, albeit the name of the festival changes in every region. Each Indian festival depicts the unison of our multicultural land.

Here is a list of the most celebrated festivals in the country that are full of fun, frolic, and zeal to give you a glimpse into the hurrah of celebrations that resound in our country ever so often:

1. Diwali: The festival of lights is the most celebrated day of the year in the Hindu calendar and is the most significant Hindu festival of India. Celebrated throughout the country, the day holds a lot of religious significance as it was on this day that Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after an exile of 14 years. Despite being a primarily Hindu festival, the day is celebrated with equal fervor across religions, bringing people together.

2. Holi: This day is marked with the streets drenched in colors as gulals and pichkaris take over the celebrations, bringing people from different religions, regions, and cultures together as everyone screams in unison, “Holi hai!” Singing and dancing become the order of the day as people enjoy the various delicacies with a glass of thandai and lassi on this auspicious festival in the Hindu calendar 2022

3. Makar Sankranti: This is a harvest festival that is celebratedin India in the month of January as per the Hindu calendar 2022. The first crop of the season is harvested as people thank the Gods and mother nature for the abundance in their lives. The festival is celebrated all around the country. However, the name of the festival changes based on geographical location as mentioned below:

  • Pongal in South India
  • Bhodi in Andhra Pradesh
  • Bhugali Bihu in Assam
  • Onam in Kerala
  • Uttarayan in Gujarat
  • Lohri in Punjab

4. Eid Ul Fitr: Undoubtedly one of the most important occasions that are a part of the list of festival in 2022. This day holds a lot of relevance for the Muslims in the country as they break their month-long fast or Roza after the holy month of Ramzan. The festivities are the best example of people from all walks of life coming together as they gather to enjoy the iftaar party. The day is unlike any other and is full of gratitude, harmony, merry-making, and joy.

5. Christmas:This globally celebrated festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated in India with equal merriment and joy. Christmas trees and the colors red, white, and green dominate the decorations one sees everywhere as people come together to partake in the cheerfulness. Churches are visited by not only the Christians in the country, but people from other religions also take their children to witness the nativity scene and visit the Santa.

The country thus celebrates the many different hues that are reflected through the prism of diversity. It symbolizes the spirit of unison as people join hands in participating in each other’s joys, enthusiasm, and happiness.

List of Indian Festivals 2022:

The list of the most celebrated days in the country is fairly long, but it is a marker of the fact Indians do not shy away from any occasion that invites them to revel and rejoice. Here is a compiled list of all the festivals 2022 to give you an idea of their dates in the ongoing year. Discover the festival dates in the following festival calendar:

To know more about the Hindu festival list as well as festivals celebrated by other communities, or to seek the muhurat for auspicious occasions, get connected with Astroyogi astrologers right away!

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