As humans, we all yearn for a life without problems, worries, and suffering. Unfortunately, in spite of being careful and disciplined, we end up doing things we are not supposed to. We fail to realize that we are also liable to be exposed to trials, temptations, mistakes, misunderstanding and unknowingly do wrong irrespective of age. It is said that the fault in our stars and the ill-effect of planets on our lives often make us do things, which is opposite to our personality and trait.
At such a state they think they can perform some magic with astrology and get rid of all the problems.People have a lot of misconceptions related to astrology. They think the remedy to problems according to astrology is sitting for hours in the temple, doing tedious poojas or even showering money on idols and temples.There are endless types of problems in each one’s life. Some face continuous hardships, while some have specific problems etc. By now we should understand that problems are a part of our lives. We need to know how to deal with such difficulties rather than give up. Sometimes, even rigorous efforts fail to provide a solution or remedy. It is then when you need a helping hand that can help you sail through such troubled times.

What is the Astrological Remedy?

Astrological remedies are antidotes which nullify the negative impact of planets or any other element in your life. Remember astrological remedies will not fully take away the pain from your life instead, it will provide ease and relief from its impact.
Surprisingly, astrology does not only predict aspects of life about destiny, but it can also actually help to revamp life and treat the troubled sections. In astrology, it is all about time. One has to understand that it is inevitable to do and wear the right thing at the right time. A lot of people expect astrology and astrologers to wipe out the problem from the root completely. Unfortunately, they are humans too and cannot change the destiny of a person. They can only provide guidance, track problems, analyze its effect and help resolve them to ease its effect in your life.
Another myth amongst people is that one remedy can work for all. No! Since each person has a unique birth chart, similarly the frequency of problems, type of problem, planetary position and its effect differs from person to person.
Astrology accesses into the deeper layers of your personality, conscious and know about the weak aspects, where you need astrological assistance and remedy.

Remedy and Karma

Karma plays an important role in the universe. Not just in astrology in any study and belief karma is the nucleus. One’s deeds in the past and present lay the foundation of the future. Your present life and events are a result of your past deeds of which you are unaware. It is a vicious circle that goes on until your score is settled with Karma.

Types of Remedies


They are healing crystals that have vibration and energy associated with each planet. Their vibration can align with human vibration and help to heal. When worn at the right place and at the right time, the crystal comes in direct contact with the body and free flow energy takes place. When you associate them with a specific intention or transformation they work wonders. Each crystal has a unique behavior, property and the level of energy and purpose. You need to consult an expert astrologer to know which gemstone is right for you and will work most effectively.


Rudraksh since the time of the gods is considered as a powerful ornament of remedy. The Rudraksha is believed to be the fruit of the tree germinated with the tears of lord Shiva. It helps the person to lead a fearless life. It is known to calm a person down, improve memory, concentration etc.

There are some specific types of remedies which come under astrology. The astrologer will create your birth chart and try to understand the planetary position and behavior in the horoscope. Accordingly, he will suggest the type of remedy and how to practice it for effective results.


Mantras are one of the oldest forms of soul healing and mental calmness. It is a collection of sounds, phrases, and words which when chanted are believed to provide psychological and spiritual power. The sound emits energy and vibes which contain the power to heal the soul and body. The resonating sound of each mantra is linked to a specific planet or god. Accordingly, it will help to provide, calmness and strength to reduce the effect of the problem and strengthen the weak planet in your birth chart. This ancient method is still practiced amongst people and helps to energize physically and within to bridge to the conscious.


Astrology includes a few mystical symbols, devices, and processes that are created to balance the mind. They are mostly in geometrical and mathematical shapes designed to connect to the universe. It emits energy and vibe that ignites the same in the person. If placed in the right direction and concentrated on the advised time, then it emits positive energy and keeps off negative energy. Do not take the Yanta on your own. Consult a professional astrologer who would advise the one suitable for you.

Spiritual Remedy

People believe that medicines can cure any kind of problem and end up becoming a warehouse of medicines which is even more harmful. You become dependent on them and ignore the signs of your body. A few people know that our body has the power to heal on its own if dealt in the right way. One needs to imbibe spiritual healing in life. There are multiple cases today where people have healed from deadly diseases with the help of spiritual healing. It includes Yoga, Power Yoga, meditation, counseling, spiritual talks, healing with Aura and chakra and related practices. Nowadays, it has become an inevitable part of people’s lives.


A lot of people have a misconception regarding tantra. They confuse it with black magic and dark practices. It is practiced to free oneself from any kind of negativity or negative energy of planets hovering over you. It helps in soul-cleansing and enlightens a person towards positivity with the help of your body. The tantra practice and study are part of ancient history from the time of European invention. A lot of people confused Tantra with other negative activities and inappropriate behavior. Later, as more and more people started to know its basics, even across borders they understood its theme. It is an esoteric practice and ritualistic religion that people are still understanding.

Fasting and blessing

Pujas and fasting are an essential part of most of the religions. Some believe in idol worship and pray to the energy and vibe that governs the unknown universe. Their are some who praise idols. It is a form of faith healing. It gives hope to people in order to work towards fulfilling their wishes. It provides divine intervention in healing spiritually and physically.

There are many types of puja vidhi which people practice for specific remedies. It is a form of worship to a specific lord who is assigned to cure specific problems and issues in one's life.

It is surprising to know that fasting and pujas does not only have religious relevance instead it also has scientific relevance too. In medieval times, fasting was practiced to strengthen self for the time of crisis. It was also a sort of deprivation that a person opts to get desirable work done, as it would pacify the planets. Scientifically, fasting along with powerful pujas helps in brain functioning and also regulates blood sugar, and reduces cholesterol levels. There are multiple benefits of fasting but when practiced in the right way. Click to know various types of pujas and fasting along with the procedure!

Social Service

From the kinder garden, we are taught to do social service, but as we grow up we forget its importance and join the race to get whatever we want. Charity, donation, providing free food to the needy, clothes, books, toys, etc are some of the social services which one should practice in living for internal satisfaction. Helping a needy gives a kind of happiness and healing experience that makes you value your life more. Such practice is fruitful only if you do from your heart. Otherwise, it is of no use. Once you experience the true feeling of selfless giving, you will understand how important social service is.

3 Points to remember when opting for any astrological remedy

You cannot practice any remedy anytime. There is a specific time, method and purpose of remedy. So make sure you consult the right astrologer before in hand.
A remedy is for a specific individual, it should be performed by the person itself then only it works. No one can perform on anyone’s behalf.
One must not expect an instant result from any remedy. It takes time to show the result. You need to be patient.
Any practice or remedy that you opt should be done wholeheartedly. Otherwise, there is no use.
Astrologers or astrological remedies are not destiny changers. They only help you understand life and take precautions at the right time.
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