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The Yantra is a Sanskrit word which means a tool. It is considered a mystical diagram which has been used as an aid to meditate and seek mental peace since ancient times. The practice of using Yantras is not new; instead, it has been used in multiple forms for different purposes over the years. Each Yantra is designed to associate with a particular deity or god and to aid specific benefits. Either it is done through meditation or by placing the Yantra at a particular place.
Yantras are not only associated with deities but also planets governed by the Lord according to the birth chart. Each planet owns unique traits and behavior that differentiates it from one another. Similarly, the way we treat them also varies. Thus, there are all kinds of Yantras for different purposes.

What is the use of a Yantra?

According to the birth chart of each individual, the planets are placed in different houses, which are also called the varied aspects of life. The houses include wealth, health, career, family, love life, etc. Vedic astrology says each planet has a specific nature. Some are known to spread positivity while some are feared to spread negativity. On the other hand, some who change their nature according to the house they reside. The constant shift and stay of planets in one’s birth chart affect them both positively and negatively. To reduce the ill-effects on any planets in your life, the astrologers suggest Yantras to pacify the malefic planet and reduce its negativity in life that hinders prosperity.

Significance of Yantras

It helps to increase the intensity of the prayer. As normal people, we always need assistance or a push to work more efficiently. Similarly, the Yantra is a push that helps to increase your seriousness and focus towards the prayer.
The Yantra helps to achieve resonance. It enhances the flow of energy, vibration and the effect of cosmos in sync to the body and helps to reach the deepest truths.
Chanting prayers with the help of Yantras helps in attracting the beneficial energy from the universe and using it to reduce the ill-effect of negative energies in life.
Yantras help you sort mental clutter and focus on resolving problems one by one
It helps you to foresee a purpose in life and work towards it

What is the use of a Yantra?

Yantras are used for three main purposes
Yantras are used for ritual implement. During a special Pooja or any ritual, the Yantra is placed to attract positive energy
Yantras are used for regular worship too. You can find Yantras in temples that are energized with mantras. Some of them have mantras written on the Yantras
Yantras are used for desire oriented purposes. These are made of special material such as flowers, rice paste, and even ashes

Benefits of Yantras

It helps you get rid of or simmer the ill-effects of malefic planets in life
It attracts success, prosperity, and good luck
It spreads positive energy at home, office or wherever it is placed
It increases one’s profitability in business
It saves from psychic spells, activities and other dark practices
It provides internal harmony
It acts like a machine that boosts focus and calibur to improve life

Structure of Yantra

The Yantras are mostly found in the shape of a triangle, circle, hexagon, octagon or symbolic lotus petals. It can also be drawn on a flat surface as three dimensional on paper or can be engraved on metal.
Yantras are not made to exhibit the artistic side. Instead, only specific colours are used in the making. Each colour denotes the idea, purpose and is used to connect with the conscious as each colour has significance.
Bindu is the centre point of the Yantra, which represents the main deity associated with the Yantra.

Types of Yantras

There are many types of Yantras available in the market both online and offline. The Yantras are customized according to the purpose. Like Yantra for good health, Yantra for career, etc. As a layman, you would not know which Yantra to be used and is best for you. Ensure that you do not buy a Yantra without proper consultation.
Reach out to the expert astrologer, and let him analyse your birth chart along with the position of planets. Once it is done, he will suggest you a suitable Yantra that will work towards attracting positivity and prosperity in life.
Some of the popular Yantras are:
Shree Yantra

It used basically to enhance the name, fame and overall personality and recognition of a person

Kuber Yantra

It is used for financial gains and holding on to wealth

Ganesh Yantra

It is used to elevate the fortune quotient in life and accomplishing goals

NavGrah yantra

It used to soothe the effect of all nine planets and attaining peace in life

Note: A yantra taken without consultation and not energized by an expert astrologer is of no use!
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