Surya Yantra

Surya Yantra

Surya Yantra removes the side effects of the Sun from your life. 
This Yantra helps to protect you from the malefic/ side effects of the Sun and bring positivity in life. 

It provides mental stability and helps one focus on any project or goal they take up. Before wearing the Surya Yantra one must consult an expert astrologer. Get expert guidance with proficient astrologers at Astroyogi. They will energise the Yantra to maximise its benefits and also suggest to you whether you should wear it or not according to the placement of planets in the birth chart. It is a powerful tool of energy which should be placed and worshipped in the right way. It gets its energy from the Sun and can be placed in both office & home. The Surya Yantra will fill the surrounding with positive energy to help you make life better and deal with trivial issues confidently.

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