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Choghadiya Muhurat is a part of the Vedic Hindu calendar, Panchang. The words ‘Cho’ means four and ‘Ghadi’ mean clock in Hindi and Choghadiya in total mounts to 96 minutes. Choghadiya is an ancient measure for calculations of time in India roughly equivalent to 24 minutes in each division.

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Choghadiya Mon, 29 Nov 2021 |

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Day Choghadiya
Amrit 17:38:07 - 15:50:41
Kaal 15:50:41 - 14:03:15
Shubh 14:03:15 - 12:15:49
Rog 12:15:49 - 10:28:23
Udveg 10:28:23 - 08:40:56
Char 08:40:56 - 06:53:30
Labh 06:53:30 - 05:06:04
Amrit 05:06:04 - 03:18:37
Night Choghadiya
Char 03:18:37 - 05:06:04
Rog 05:06:04 - 06:53:30
Kaal 06:53:30 - 08:40:56
Labh 08:40:56 - 10:28:22
Udveg 10:28:22 - 12:15:49
Shubh 12:15:49 - 14:03:15
Amrit 14:03:15 - 15:50:41
Char 15:50:41 - 17:38:07

Types of Choghadiya

Choghadiya is more rapidly used in most regions of North India as a planner to find a good Muhurat without having to consult an astrologer. In the South a similar concept of Choghadiya, named as Gowri Panchang exists.


  • Amrut
  • Shubh
  • Labh
  • Char
  • Udveg
  • Kal
  • Rog

Method of calculation of Choghadiya
For the calculation of Choghadiya, each day is split into two time periods: Daytime which is the period from sunrise to sunset Night-time which is the period from sunset to sunrise These two divisions are then sub divided into eight equal parts. Each of these eight divisions approximately equivalent to four Ghatis and this division of time is known as Choghadiya.

Importance of Choghadiya Each of the Choghadiya divisions can equally be advantageous or disadvantageous depending upon the date and time of each day. The Choghadiyas are decided on various aspects. The first Choghadiya of the day is calculated on the basis of the ruling planet of the day.

Choghadiya Interpretation

Ruling Planet Muhurat Meaning Effects Types of work
Sun Udveg Anxiety Bad Administrative
Mercury Labh Profit Good Business, Education
Venus Char Movements Good Travel and tourism
Mars Rog Illness Bad War, Fights
Jupiter Shubh Auspicious Good Marriage, Puja, Devotional activities
Saturn Kaal Death Bad Health, Wealth, Construction
Moon Amrut Nectar Good Any and every

The time of Vaar Vela, Kaal Vela and Kaal Ratri are not considered to be auspicious in Indian Astrology and should be avoided when performing propitious activities.

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