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In the Hindu Vedic Astrology, Vaar is the name given to the solar days. Just like the western calendar, there are a total of 7 Vaars in the Hindu calendar.

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Importance of Vaar in Panchang
22 April 2021 |
Vaar - Monday

Importance of Vaar in Panchang

Translated as 'Day' of the week, Vaar is an important branch in the formation of Panchang and is completely based on the revolution of the earth on its axis. The time difference between one sunrise to another is known as 'Vaar' or Day. Each Vaar is influenced by a planet and associates with the characteristics of that planet.
In the Hindu Vedic calendar, Vaars are used to mark the beginning of auspicious and inauspicious times to perform a task or activity.

The 7 Vaars, their western denotation and the planets that rule each of these Vaars can be understood from the chart given below:

Vaar Western Name Ruling Planet
Ravivar Sunday Sun
Somvar Monday Moon
Mangalwar Tuesday Mars
Budhwar Wednesday Mercury
Guruwar Thursday Jupiter
Shukrawar Friday Venus
Shanivar Saturday Saturn

Penumbras Rahu and Ketu are associated with Tuesday and Saturday.
Counting of each day begins with the sunrise and ends with the sunrise of the next day. Each day or Vaar consists of a 24 hour cycle and this is denoted as a Hora in the Vedic calendar. Governance of each planet on each of the days gives them their respective names.

Auspicious and Inauspicious effects of each Vaar

Although, each day is a new beginning and is the right time to perform any tasks if you really wish to, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each day. In the Vedic calendar, there are some days which are considered to be very auspicious while some which are not. A complete understanding of these days can be found here:

Sunday – Ravivar
The first day of every calendar, Sunday is ruled by the Sun and is good for the beginning of usage of new medicines, buying cars, property, metallic things, judicial advice, buying pets

Monday – Somavaar
Second day of the week, Monday is ruled by Moon and is good for purchasing of agricultural equipment, agricultural activities, tourism, wearing new clothes or gemstones, buying and selling of jewellery.

Tuesday – Mangalwar
Third day of the week, Tuesday is ruled by Mars and is considered inauspicious for undertaking detective work, judicial work, military work, important decision making.

Wednesday- Budhwar
Fourth day of the week, Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and is considered good for undertaking works such as applying for loan, education, house warming, opening an account.

Thursday – Guruwar
Fifth day of the week, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and is considered good for getting an education in Science, judicial work, religious works, jewellery buying, marital works.

Friday – Shukrawar
Sixth day of the week, Friday is ruled by Venus and is considered good for partaking works in the field of agriculture, motion pictures, co-curricular activities, initiating romance

Saturday – Shaniwar
Last day of the week, Saturday is ruled by Saturn and is considered inauspicious for performing most tasks except for house warming, employment, purchasing of new car, religious activities.

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