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Solar Eclipse 2021: Get to Know The Date, Time, And Its Effects on Your Life

Solar Eclipse 2021: Get to Know The Date, Time, And Its Effects on Your Life

The last solar eclipse of the year is going to occur on 4th December 2021. Know the time of the solar eclipse and what impact it will have on you!   The year 2021 is in its final phase, and the last month starts with a solar eclipse. The solar eclip...

Shubh Muhurat: Major Auspicious Teej or Festivals of December 2021

Shubh Muhurat: Major Auspicious Teej or Festivals of December 2021

Like November, the month of December also has some important celebrations lined up for all of us. From weddings to Christmas, New Year, and a lot more, December is a time for celebrations. According to the Hindu calendar, this month marks the auspici...

December 2021 Tarot Prediction - Time For Closure and Realization On The Love Front

Tarot Reading December 2021 by Tarot Pooja

December is the 12th and the last calendar month of the year, and hence we look for closures and new hopes in this period. December adds up to number 3, which is for Jupiter, and therefore closures bring us realizations, lessons, and immense growth. ...

Numerology Prediction for December 2021- Time to Exhibit Your Hidden Talent

Numerology Prediction December 2021 by Astro Puujel

December has root number 3, which represents planet Jupiter. Those who are born in this month are very creative and have a lot of talent. They enjoy their life to the fullest. These people need entertainment in their life to rejuvenate their vigor. T...

Mars and Ketu Conjunction In Scorpio 2021 and Its Impact on Your Sign

Impact of Mars and Ketu Conjunction in Scorpio on Your Zodiac Sign

Mars will be entering Scorpio on 5th December 2021 at 6:20 am, till 4th January 2022. Ketu is already in Scorpio from 23rd September 2020 and it will be there till 12th April 2022. Mars is considered a violent planet. This planet is energetic, impati...

Planet Mercury Transit in Scorpio on 21st November 2021 - Read What It Predicts for Your Sign

Planet Mercury Transits To Scorpio - A Little Tough Time On The Professional Front

Mercury is the smallest and fastest-moving planet after planet Moon, so it affects us for a short time. Mercury represents our intellectual side, intelligence, speaking power and professionalism in business along with our nature. This planet will ent...

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Kundli Match Making

Kundali Match Making or Kundali Milan is a comparison between two natal charts. Kundali milan is used in Vedic Astrology to check the compatibility of two individuals in order to have an enchanted and successful marriage....

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Delhi- Saturday, 04 December 2021
Date Saturday, 04 December 2021
Tithi Shukla Pratipada
Day Saturday
Paksha Shukla-Paksha
Sunrise 6:59:10
Sunset 17:24:11
Moonrise 6:47:43
Nakshatra Jyeshtha
Nakshtra Till 31 : 48 : 11
Yog Dhriti
Yog Till 28 : 20 : 41
Karan I Kinstughna
Surya Rashi Scorpio
Chandra Rashi Scorpio
Rahu Kal 09:35:25 to 10:53:33
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Astrology as a predictive science facilitates fortune tellers and astrologers to dive deep into the study of a person’s unique traits right from the moment he or she is born, the native’s strengths and weaknesses and life ahead, etc. The zodiac is the belt of constellations through which the Sun, the Moon and the planets transit across the sky. There are many passionate believers who feel that the future can indeed be predicted by studying the position of the Sun, the Moon and the planets’ position at the time of birth. There are various popular schools of astrology worldwide and significant among these are – Western, Indian, Chinese and Egyptian, etc. The astrological chart which holds an all-important place in astrological readings is of course, what we commonly refer to as the ‘Horoscope’. This acts as a guide to analyzing one’s future, likes, dislikes and events that are likely to occur in one’s life as per interpretations available in astrology.

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