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Mercury Transit In Libra on 22 September 2021 - Best Time To Negotiate

Transit Of Mercury In Libra- Best Time To Negotiate

Mercury is the planet of communication, calculation and intellect. It will transit in Libra on the 22nd September 2021 from his exalted sign Virgo to the airy and friendly sign Libra. It will stay in this sign up to 2nd October, and due to its retrog...

How To Perform Pitru Paksha Puja

How To Perform Pitru Paksha Puja

Pitru Paksha puja is a ceremony performed by Hindu families for their ancestors. It is believed that during the period of Pitru Paksha or Shraadh, which falls on 20 September and ends on 6th October this year, 2021, the eldest and earning member of a...

Pitru Paksha Do`s and Don`ts

Pitru Paksha Do`s and Don`ts

Pitru Paksha is a period of 16 days that is dedicated to the ancestors. Donations are made during this time to pay homage to one's forefathers and gratify their souls. Shradh rituals and pooja methodologies would be more effective if it is done unde...

The Sun Transit In Virgo on 17 September 2021

The Sun Transit In Virgo on 17 September 2021

The king of the solar system, the Sun, which denotes government authority and power, will transit into Virgo on 17th September 2021 and will continue to stay in this sign until 17th October 2021. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury, and it is neutral for t...

Ganpati Visarjan 2021 - Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Ganpati Visarjan 2021 - Ganpati Bappa Morya!

There are two popular legends associated with Lord Ganesha. According to one, Ganesha is believed to have been created from the dough, which Goddess Parvati had created to take bath. Parvati wanted somebody to guard the doorway while she took a bath ...

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn - Time to Expand Your Boundaries

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn 2021

Jupiter would re-enter Capricorn on 14 September 2021. This re-entering would happen on account of retrogression, and Jupiter would re-transit to Capricorn from Aquarius. Saturn owns Capricorn, and currently, it is placed in Capricorn only. Once Jupi...

Kundli Subscription

Kundli Match Making

Kundali Match Making or Kundali Milan is a comparison between two natal charts. Kundali milan is used in Vedic Astrology to check the compatibility of two individuals in order to have an enchanted and successful marriage....

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Delhi- Wednesday, 22 September 2021
Date Wednesday, 22 September 2021
Tithi Krishna Pratipada
Day Wednesday
Paksha Krishna-Paksha
Sunrise 6:9:52
Sunset 18:18:15
Moonrise 19:19:56
Nakshatra Uttra Bhadrapad
Nakshtra Till 5 : 8 : 17
Yog Vriddhi
Yog Till 13 : 53 : 37
Karan I Kaulav
Surya Rashi Virgo
Chandra Rashi Pisces
Rahu Kal 12:14:04 to 13:45:06
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Astrology as a predictive science facilitates fortune tellers and astrologers to dive deep into the study of a person’s unique traits right from the moment he or she is born, the native’s strengths and weaknesses and life ahead, etc. The zodiac is the belt of constellations through which the Sun, the Moon and the planets transit across the sky. There are many passionate believers who feel that the future can indeed be predicted by studying the position of the Sun, the Moon and the planets’ position at the time of birth. There are various popular schools of astrology worldwide and significant among these are – Western, Indian, Chinese and Egyptian, etc. The astrological chart which holds an all-important place in astrological readings is of course, what we commonly refer to as the ‘Horoscope’. This acts as a guide to analyzing one’s future, likes, dislikes and events that are likely to occur in one’s life as per interpretations available in astrology.

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