Virgo Daily Horoscope

( Sat, Oct 24, 2020 )

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‘All talk and no action’ is not what you are made up of. When you promise to deliver, you will. The Moon in Capricorn today will keep you energised to complete the ambitious project you had started. You have always been clever enough to see how to find solutions to seemingly impossible problems. You may get a little emotional as you miss a father figure. You should learn to share your sorrows with others too. Concentrating on work and being fastidious all the time, would only burn you out. Go out and connect with some friends. Important pending or upcoming matters during the day should be best tried to be dealt between 11:45 am and 2:25 pm for fruitful results. Wear cream colour to attract positive energy and be lucky.
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The Moon in Capricorn today will keep you energised, attentive and diligent enough to go ahead with the ambitious project you had started. You will go about your work with a calm and balanced mind.You are fortunate enough to have people around you who are as effective as you in organising and detailing. This is a big reason for you to be confident you will complete the task efficiently on time. You can now avoid constantly thinking and analysing and taking control of everything all the time. Just give the necessary instructions and try and relax a little. 2 pm to 4 pm is a good time for taking investment related decisions, say Astroyogi astrologers.

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Your perfection can be a bane sometimes to your health. Since you are constantly thinking of doing things in the correct manner and in the minutest detail, you stress yourself out aiming for that perfection.The Moon in Aquarius will today, encourage you to de-stress both your mind and body, by simply moving away from your familiar surroundings and setting off to some exotic destination. You need to be in a place where your mind can escape its own thoughts. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, your mind will calm itself and you will feel cleansed mentally and much lighter. Wearing something in olive green today may help bring you some peace. 3 pm to 5 pm will prove to be lucky for you.
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