Virgo Moon

No matter what Sun sign you were born under, we all feel like a Virgo for a few days each month. Since Virgo loves order and cleanliness, during the transit of the Virgo Moon you can have a greater desire to organise your living spaces. This is also a perfect time to work on any tasks because this conscientious sign has an amazing ability to examine the vital information that most of us will overlook!

Virgos likes to lend a helping hand, so don't be shocked when a friend asks for a favour if you're the first one to volunteer. Don't be mistaken — in the least, you won't feel obliged. Since Virgos likes to chip in, you are not only going to want to come to somebody's aid, but you are also going to get immense gratification from that. What do we say? The sign really loves being at the disposal of others.

You can feel more inspired to take your health more seriously when the Moon's in Virgo. You might find yourself reassessing your diet and exercise, or maybe taking on a new fitness routine. Don't be afraid to get those muscles out and stretch them!

Born with Moon in Virgo

Virgo is a sign of the Earth so it is practical, but it is also connected to Mercury which means it has an active mind. When you've been born with Moon in the Virgo, you're known for your intelligence, creative mind and intuition. Virgo likes cutting through the noise and getting to the good stuff — constantly sorting out emotions, feelings and everything around them. Let Virgo recognize what is valuable or bad, what is true or not true, what is right or wrong. It's no wonder that the slogan for this sign is "I analyze.

Anyone who knows a Virgo knows they need to feel useful, and somehow contribute to a project, a friendship, or whatever their support is. That's why anyone with a Virgo Moon is seen in the workplace as a hardworking team leader or a trustworthy friend who in tough times runs to the sides of his mates. These people show their love in small, but realistic, ways for the people they care for. When it comes to transparent, gushy shows of affection they can be a little stiff. Lunar Virgos are usually shy about new people. They are anything but reserved when they are relaxed though.

Virgos can be self-effacing and caring in relationships. Some are very shy in love and are easily sexually intimidated. Many may not feel very confident with their sexuality, but they still seek to please. The Virgo symbol, in general, is very body-aware. Combining this knowledge with a lack of self-confidence, Virgos may be too conscious of the details that make up the whole. Which can contribute to an extremely self-critical tendency. However, once Virgos decides to come out of their shell, they can become earthy partners with plenty to offer.

The dissatisfied Virgos are kind of fussy and complaining. They are regular victims and freak out when their plans aren't being pursued. They are anxious and nervous, and the big picture appears unknown. Perhaps the best solution for these people is work or hobby where they can demonstrate their deep need for research, attention to information and micromanage.

Virgos are some of the most sceptical people. They can't help but point up holes in the face of the blind faith of others. Their criticism can be maddening, and it can be difficult to insist on seeing the realistic in something emotional, particularly if you're the dreamy sort. With this location of the Moon, Virgo curiosity shows up big time. This can be frustrating to others. For example, Virgos seems to be quite interested in the problems of others but in the long run, can be very cool and even unsympathetic. Their guidance can seem daunting to more emotional people, but when met with criticism from others, Virgos can be surprisingly fragile.

People of the Virgo Moon are usually busy and peacefully content when they have charge of their lives. They are looking for basic life, and are always very content with very little. Most are early risers, eager and excited to take on the day. They scamper about, keep busy and calmly and expertly handle their lives. Virgos can be a joy to be around, as long as their tiny world is manageable.

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