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In Astrology, Sun sign holds the most importance as it represents who a person is at his core; how he acts and how he expresses himself. In other words, it explains who a person is in the most basic sense. The Sun sign shows how you express your identity and shine. It represents your inner soul. Since the Sun represents your individuality, it influences how others see you.

Sun signs are one of the simplified systems in astrology, which considers only the position of the Sun at birth. However, many people easily confuse their Zodiac sign to be the same as their Sun sign. The position of the Sun is said to be placed within one of the twelve zodiac signs. The month that you are born in is synchronised with your Zodiac Sign, but your birth month does not correlated to your Sun Sign. To calculate your Sun Sign, astrologers refer to your date, month, and year of birth, as well as time and place of birth. For instance, your Zodiac sign may be a Libra, but your Sun Sign could be a Virgo. You can now easily calculate your Sun Sign online.

Sun Sign astrology is most commonly found in newspapers and magazine columns and is very popular with the masses. Even those who do not believe in it, customarily read their zodiac horoscope by default when they come across it.

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is as important as it is in the Solar System. Those who are influenced by the Sun, for example people who have Sun in the 10th house of their birth charts, are destined to be successful in their professional life. People born under the influence of the Sun, have magnetic personalities and will achieve surmountable success, specially those who undertake the performing arts.

There are 12 Sun signs in the zodiac and they are - Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Each Sign covers about 30 degrees in the zodiacal circle and together the 12 signs make 360 degrees. Each sign also, belongs to one of the 4 element groups, which are Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

The period of Sun signs may vary 1/2 a day due to the fact that Earth’s orbit rotation around the Sun is not in sync with the Earth’s rotation on its axis.

Each Sun sign is also associated with one or two rulers/celestial bodies which exert more influence on a particular sign as compared to other celestial bodies. Thus, Capricorn is associated with the planet Saturn, Aquarius with Uranus and Saturn, Pisces with Neptune and Jupiter, Aries with Mars and Pluto, Taurus with Venus and Earth, Gemini with Mercury, Cancer with Moon, Leo with Sun, Virgo with Mercury, Libra with Venus, Scorpio with Mars and Pluto, and Sagittarius with Jupiter.

Since your Sun sign can greatly influence your personality traits; both positive and negative; learning about them can help you understand yourself and also others, based on their characteristics, attitudes and values. Your sign also has a strong influence on what kind of things you prefer and how you perceive events in your life.

Some of the interesting and informative basic traits of each Sun sign are-

Capricorn, while being a workaholic, is warm and funny; Aquarius loves to travel and are always exploring new things; Pisces tend to be extremely sensitive and emotional; Aries are full of energy and love a good challenge, Taurus can sometimes be quite stubborn, but have a great sense of humour; Gemini are all about socialising and love to spend time with friends and family; Cancer is one of the most loving and nurturing Sun signs; the confident and charismatic Leo tends to be the centre of attention wherever they go; Virgo is the problem-solver, always practical and detail- oriented; Libra will bring peace and harmony wherever they go, and be the one to find balance and agreement in every situation; Scorpio are filled with compassion and kindness, though you should not cross them because they will ‘bite’; and finally, Sagittarius will make you explore new and wild experiences that you will likely remember for a long time.

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