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INDIA's FIRST real-time Feng Shui consultation platform comes with extraordinary features. Now talk to India's best Feng Shui Experts anywhere, anytime with Astroyogi.

Tarot Pooja
English, Hindi
Vedic, Vastu, Tarot, Numerology, Fengshui, Reiki Healing, Yoga & Meditation, Psychics
  • 21 years
  • 14/Min
Tarot Eencee
English, Gujarati, Hindi
Tarot, Fengshui, Reiki Healing, Yoga & Meditation
  • 20 years
  • 6/Min

Customer Reviews

As always, Divyakantji answered all my questions with patience and provided me with detailed explanation of my current state with timelines. Speaking with him always puts me at ease.

- Mihir Shah 18 May 2020

I found that Guruji was very helpful and enlightening in his brief talk to me, i hope i can get the best out of his advice , thank him for quality consultation

- Abhishek Mishra 22 May 2020

Ketan Sir was very patient and calm and provided me with extensive advice and replies to all my queries. Thank you sir.

- Nishith 28 Apr 2020

Best Feng Shui Consultant in India

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of utilizing the energies around us to gain prosperity and harmony. In literal meaning, Feng Shui means ‘wind-water’. Originated and practiced in the country of China for centuries, Feng Shui has found its way to the homes of the rest of the world. People rely on the principles of Feng Shui to bring out the best in themselves and their homes to lead better lives.

Feng Shui consultants on the Astroyogi panel are selected on the basis of their experience and knowledge. These experts are available in real-time for you to consult over the phone and get answers to all your queries and doubts. Get consultations on your questions related to love, health, family, career, finances and more.

Famous Feng Shui experts Online

Feng Shui experts require the exact data about your house in order to make necessary changes. Their expertise will not only help you find the right balance for your house but also give you the comfort of living in a positively enhance space. Our experts can help you with detailed and thorough

Consultation with a Feng Shui expert is ensured with privacy and at the lowest cost with accurate readings for you to have a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Our Feng Shui experts have a satisfactory clientele from India and abroad. The Talk to Astrologer feature of Astroyogi enables the user to interact with an expert of their choice at minimal rates in real-time. Instead of waiting for an appointment and paying rather heavy charges, at Astroyogi, users get to interact and discuss their issues and queries with the Feng Shui experts at the comfort of their homes or on the go.

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