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Nadi Astrologer- Talk to the best Nadi Astrologer

Consult Online Nadi Astrologers through chat or call & get answers to all your love, marriage, family, career, finance and business related issues online. Talk to Nadi Astrologers Online 24X7 from anywhere in India & abroad only at Astroyogi.

Astro D Rana
English, Hindi
Vedic,Tarot Card Reading, Prashna
  • 11 years
  • 1.75/Min
Guruji Nirmal
Gujarati, Hindi, Sindhi
  • 19 years
  • 1.5/Min
  • 14 years
  • 1/Min
Dr Manoj
English, Hindi
Vedic, Tarot, Numerology, Vastu, KP, Prashna
  • 30 years
  • 6/Min
Jyotishacharya Omchaitanya
Gujarati, Hindi
  • 28 years
  • 1.28/Min
Astro Bithal
English, Hindi
  • 11 years
  • 1.6/Min
Astrro Deepakk
English, Hindi
  • 18 years
  • 1.25/Min
Acharya Rajguru
Hindi, Sanskrit
Vedic, Vastu
  • 20 years
  • 2/Min
Acharya Sujata
Vedic, Tarot, Prashna
  • 14 years
  • 2/Min
Dr Gollapudi
English, Hindi, Telugu
  • 12 years
  • 1/Min
Reema Astro
English, Hindi
Vedic, Tarot
  • 13 years
  • 2/Min
Astro Neeraj
English, Hindi
  • 23 years
  • 1/Min
Astro Ananth
English, Hindi, Telugu
Vedic, KP
  • 5 years
  • 0.65/Min
Guru Vishnu
Bangla, English, Hindi
  • 27 years
  • 2.5/Min

Customer Reviews

Sir is highly recommended as he is very knowledgeable, gives clear n precise predictions with his genuine and in-depth analysis through various methods. Thanks.

- A X. 28 May 2020

She is too perfect in her prediction. She had predicted something for me and given me the exact date and it's unbelievable that the same instances happened exactly the way she had predicted.

- R K. 22 Oct 2019

she is very familiar in nature and very good listener. solve ur problem like family member accurately 😊😊. nice to meet

- R X. 29 May 2020

Online Best Indian Nadi Astrologer Available on Astroyogi

If you are in distress and want to find out about your background, family, career aspirations and profession, we have the best astrologers that could help you find out these details through Nadi astrology. The astrologer may ask you a series of questions which may be linked to these details. Our top of the line astrologers will help define your future by using Nadi astrology. If you have been thinking to yourself; “Where to look for Nadi astrology near me?” Here is a platform which brings you the answer to all your questions.

The Nadi Shastra was written by the Maharishis about 2000 years ago on palm leaves. Naadi Shastra is thought to bring awareness of the future predictions of humans. The past present and future of anyone of you can be told to you using these palm leaves. This may include information like your life span, love, marriage, business status, education, foreign trips, financial status, property, health, family background and other secrets of success.

Naadi Shastra is also used to depict an individual’s horoscope by analyzing the planetary positions. Talk to Astrologers knows this information can boost your confidence and belief in yourself, that is why it brings you the best astrologers who can give you your required information through Nadi Shastra and Nadi jothidam.

This astrology is mostly practised in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and other regions of India. But as people are getting aware of Nadi astrology, it is getting popular worldwide for its accuracy.

Best Nadi Astrologer near you

The concept behind Nadi jyothisham is that the future, past and present was foreseen in the ancient times by the Dharma sages. It is considered that these sages used the Tropical Zodiac along with the Sidereal Nakshatras system. The difference between the other astrology and Nadi jothidam is that they combined Sidereal Nakshatras System and Tropical Zodiac, whereas in today’s time astrologers only use the Sidereal Nakshatras System.

You can now change your lives completely by finding out all the details about your past, future and present by visiting our website and getting in touch with a Nadi astrologer.

Nadi astrology has benefited many families, businessmen, individuals, professionals, celebrities and politicians. This is because it can tell you about your past, future and present and help you with finding details about things like your marriage, construction of your house, your job, healing yourself and much more.

With the problems of your everyday life, you may feel very disturbed and distressed about what life holds for you. However, our astrologers may help you find the necessary information regarding your life through naadi Shastra.

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