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Acharya Chandraprakash

Acharya Chandraprakash


Vedic, Vaastu

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About Me

Astrologer Chandra Prakash was born in a highly reputed family of Banaras. He completed his basic education in astrology from Ved Vidyalaya Kanchi Kam Koti Math under the ancient ‘guru-shishya parampara.’ Later, he went for an advanced course in astrology and Sanskrit grammar and won the title of ‘Acharya’. He has been practicing astrology for the last 21 years. He believes that astrology is an ocean and one needs to swim deep into it in order to understand its depth. According to him, a perfect astrologer is the one who can guide people in the right direction through his efforts and knowledge. Acharya Chandra Prakash has worked with many newspapers and magazines in the past. He has also provided astro services for Airtel from 2002 to 2005 and later worked for Vodafone astro services. He specializes in the areas of love, relationship, business, job, health, etc. and has predicted the fortunes for many known politicians and famous personalities. He also teaches students about the wonders of astrology at Ved Vidyalaya. He is well-versed in Vastushastra as well and contributes to the development of humanity by performing yajnas and sharing his knowledge with others.