Kundali Matchmaking

Kundali Matchmaking or Kundali Milan is a comparison between two natal charts. Kundali milan is used in Vedic Astrology to check the compatibility of two individuals in order to have an enchanted and successful marriage.

Matching Kundalis of a bride and groom to-be , helps them understand their camaraderie level and their prospective marriage. In the chance of trouble, the matchmaking ensures to provide solutions for a blissful marriage.

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Free Online Kundli Matching

Marriage is a turning point in the lives of two people and their families. This beautiful relationship ties two souls, together for lifetime and beyond. It is a new beginning; a beginning for which every man and woman waits since they enter into an age where they feel ready for this commitment. We often see various rituals before a Hindu marriage takes place. From quite an early stage, certain rituals are performed. Many families before deciding to get their children married match their detailed birth charts to see whether their stars are compatible or not. So what does this Kundli matching mean? What does it say? Is it really important?

‘Kundli Milan’ is an important step before an Indian Marriage because people have immense faith in the ‘Kundli Milan’ ritual of Vedic astrology. Here, Moon's placement plays a very important role. Moon's placement in the horoscope provides the Astrologers with the ‘Janam Rashi ‘(Moon Sign) and ‘Nakshatra’ (Constellation) of the native which are two key aspects in Vedic Astrology

Kundli Matching Process

Kundli Milan is also called ‘Gun Milan’. As a matter of fact, the qualities presented in the horoscope are matched, hence known as ‘Gun Milan’. The total number of aspects/attributes matched in the horoscope is 36. If 18 out of 36 properties merge i.e. at least 50% properties are merged then the marriage is permitted by astrologers.

Kundli matching and Mangal Dosh

If the properties are matched in the ‘Kundli Milan’, the better the marital life will be and good. Nevertheless, if there are Dosh in the Kundli then they have to address it and take the right steps as necessary. If the marriage is completed by ignoring these defects, then according to astrological belief, there will be discord in the marriage. The significantly important thing in ‘Kundli Milan’ is that there is no ‘Manglik ‘flaw in the horoscope of the caste. For that reason, if there is a demand in the horoscope, it is considered appropriate to get married from a person who is suffering from ‘Mangal Dosh’.

Is Kundli matching only for marriage?

The ‘Kundli ke Milan’ is an analysis done for finding the compatibility of two individuals, then it can be done for analyzing the compatibility of life partners or even business partners. It is a very complicated analysis in Vedic astrology and only expert astrologers who have in-depth knowledge in the subject will be able to do it.

Kundli Matching FAQs

Kundli Milan or Kundli Matching is the matching of the Kundlis or birth charts belonging to the prospective bride and groom. Vedic astrology believes that Kundli Milan can check the compatibility between the two individuals and can determine if the marriage will be successful.

Mangal Dosha is a highly crucial deciding factor in Hindu marriages. When Mars (Mangal) is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house, it can cause a Mangal Dosha, which can significantly affect the chances of a harmonious marriage. It is considered a serious astrological imperfection.

The presence of Mangal Dosha in your Kundli can cause a delay in marriage. If left unresolved, it can continue creating troubles in your married life. Hence, elimination or alleviation of this astrological imperfection is advised. To know the remedies for Mangal Dosha, get in touch with the astrologers on Astroyogi.

For a blissful marriage, your Kundli matching score should be between 18 to 24. If your score is below 18, the union is not advised. The more the number of points, the better the match is considered to be. Any score above 24 is regarded as a good match for a blissful married life.

As per Vedic astrology, if the Kundali matching score is low, the marriage won't be successful; hence it is suggested that the marriage should be avoided. If a prospective couple's score is low, the only solution is to consult an experienced astrologer who can prescribe astrological remedies to resolve the issues. The couple will have to follow whatever astrological remedies the astrologer suggests to alleviate the problems. For apt remedies, you can consult a professional Vedic astrologer on Astroyogi.