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Kundli Dosha

The horoscope may show 'Doshas', but what are they and how many types of 'Dosha' are there in the horoscope? Can these 'Dosha' be overcome and redressed? Almost everyone who wants to show their horoscope must have had these questions and in turn, what does the horoscope indeed tell? Your future! How is your destiny determined? 'Yoga' and 'Dosha' are determined by the positioning and effects of planets in one's horoscope. These planets may bring in good or bad impacts. Negative impacts are known as Dosha and positive impacts as Yogas. 'Kaal Sarpa Dosha', 'Pitru Dosha', 'Naadi 'Dosha', 'Shaapit Dosha', etc, are some of the types of 'Dosha' or defects that can be seen in the horoscope.

How is Dosha formed in the Kundli?

The cause of 'Dosha' in the Kundli is due to the negative positions of the planets. However, when a planet is in its negative state or if the ascendant or the zodiac sign is under the direct influence of the negative planet then there are high chances of these situations of negative influence or effects of these planets. Dosha may also be associated with the individual's present birth as well as their previous birth. When there is a 'Dosha' in the horoscope of the person, instead of receiving the auspicious results of the some planets in the said state, the impacts would be negative which can be quite depressing.

What is the time period of Dosha in the Kundli?

This undoubtedly depends on the kind of 'Dosha' in the horoscope. Different kinds of 'Dosha' can last for a short period as well as for long periods. If the 'Dosha' in one's horoscope are left unattended and remedies for it are not done the effects may prevail in one's life for a long time.

As an example, in order to get rid of 'Manglik Dosha', the person has to marry a 'Manglik' only or else has to perform other astrological remedies advised by expert astrologers. Likewise, if there is a 'Dosha' related to Saturn/Shani, its duration is also considered to be for a long time.

Can one get rid of a Dosha if they follow the remedies properly?

If there are questions then the answers will absolutely be there just as in the same way, if there is a problem, there will definitely be solutions. Various options are given in astrology for reducing the effects of 'Dosha' present in the horoscope. The paths of deliverance from the 'Dosha' are explained through the worship of the planets, idols, engaging in charity, Shanti Pooja, fasting, visiting holy shrines etc.

How will one be able to find Dosha in Kundli?

If one knows the depths of the various aspects of the horoscope then the individuals can analyze the horoscope to derive conclusions. However, to analyze a horoscope one should have in-depth knowledge and experience about the various planetary implications and effects. However, It is not recommended to take guidance from any software as it never considers the context and the personal experiences which is why it is advised to consult expert 'Jyotishcharyas'.

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