Kundli Houses

Astrological predictions are derived after carefully examining the condition and direction of the planets in one's horoscope. The Kundli of the 'Jatak' has 12 Houses or horoscope. These Houses are also known as the 'sthan' or 'Ghar' and 'Bhav'. Every House in the Kundli has its own importance. According to our expert astrologers, approximately 400,000 distinct pieces of information can be derived from every House of Kundli. But in this section, we will tell you about the major aspect of every single House.

Kundali 12 houses in astrology and Meaning & Importance

First House in Kundli

Many astrologers consider Aries as the first House in one's Kundli since it is the first sign in the zodiac wheel . However, this is not the right method as according to Vedic astrology, the first House of the native should be his ascendant at the time of birth. One's physical features and...ReadMore

Second House in Kundli

The second 'House' of the Kundli is considered can provide the astrologer with information about one's financial prospects and wealth gaining capacity. This can also be known to provide insights about the health of your right eye. The second 'House' is considered to be...ReadMore

Third House in Kundli

The first House indicates about one's physical aspects second about fortune and wealth and the third is known as 'Parakram House in Vedic astrology. It can reveal about the creative and artistic prowess of a person. All in all the third house provides insights about the skillsets...ReadMore

Fourth House in Kundli

The fourth House in the Kundli holds the blueprint of one's materialistic pleasures and processions. I can answer questions like: When will you become the owner of a house or a car? The answers to such questions can be found by delving into this aspect of one's Kundli...ReadMore

Fifth House in Kundli

The fifth House of Kundli is considered to be the one related to origin and birth. The fifth 'House' will explain aspects like- the time and number of off springs one would have , how much you will one progress and be successful in the field of education and even about your...ReadMore

Sixth House in Kundli

The sixth House in the Kundli will tell us more about the diseases and physical ailments which may trouble you. We will also be able to know more about the capacity of your enemies and competitors, how strong your enemies are, or how much will you be able to...ReadMore

Seventh House in Kundli

The seventh House of Kundli is very important because it can reveal more about marriage, Questions related to time of marriage and your relationship with spouse can be analyzed from the insights derived. Astrological assessment of genitals and stomach related problems are...ReadMore

Eight House in Kundli

The eighth House of Kundli is considered the House of death. Therefore, the effect of the planets in this House is also considered to be inferior. Along with death, this House also tells about the chances of travelling abroad. Also, the information on the wellbeing of your left foot...ReadMore

Ninth House in Kundli

Your fate is either with you or not, as in, will luck favour you? This will be known through the ninth House of Kundli where the ninth House is considered to be the Houses' of fate. Along with luck, it also indicates your interest and attention towards the totality and spirituality...ReadMore

Tenth House in Kundli

Tenth House is considered as karma. This House will show how your job will be, in which specific areas there will be more job opportunities for you, as well as the areas where you can get better performance or how your business will be affected and even how to do...ReadMore

Eleventh House in Kundli

The eleventh House is considered to be the aspect of profit. From the tenth Houses', you will understand what you will have to do, however, how much is expected to benefit from that work will be revealed from the eleventh House. Along with this, the eleventh Houses...ReadMore

Twelfth House in Kundli

The twelfth House is considered to be about expenditure. Your expenses will increase or decrease, depending on how the planets are getting in the 12th House. Along with the expenses, it indicates the health of your...ReadMore

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