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About Me

I am a well-known and certified Tarot reader and spiritual healer. I was fascinated by mysterious and magical things as a teenager, and one night I had a different experience I still can't explain, and I received the valuable skill or gift of cartomancy, better known as a Tarot. I felt the presence of high vibrational energies or beings, which I believe were Angels, and I was transported to another dimension. When I bought my first deck of cards, this gift connected me to my true nature and allowed me to connect with the deepest parts of my source, my soul. I chose to study Tarot to work with the universe and archangels to discover new ways to improve people's lives. To be in tune with the universe, I have mastered all four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. I learned various healing techniques such as Reiki, Angelic healings, and others. I use my divinity with the highest light and love to purify, enhance, and enlighten your life. I also use meditation training and manifestation techniques based on a spiritual philosophy for the mind, body, and spiritual evolution. Finally, I employ (Law of Attraction) techniques to unlock the mystery of hidden ancient wisdom and use universal supernatural principles to help you achieve your goals. 

In the last six years, I've helped thousands of people worldwide, and I've always received love and valuable positive comments and feedback, which makes me proud and inspires me to do even more. I long for a passage to peace that will clear the midst of hatred and war. My area of expertise includes giving advice and solutions in the areas of love, relationships, career, money, daily life, investments, and spirituality. I primarily work with twine flame/soulmate connections, karmic connections, and past life relationships. I can help you improve your love life, achieve your professional goals, and achieve long-term financial well-being by connecting with the creative power of the mind or the power of mental vibration and using curative visualization.