8th House in Kundli

8th House in Kundli

The birth chart is a blueprint of the sky at the moment of your birth. Sounds extraordinary?

Well, it rather is! 

Each of the nine planets in Vedic astrology exists within a House (Bhava) in your birth chart (Kundli). Apart from providing invaluable insights about your personality, the placement of the planets illustrates how you are connected and how you coexist with the world around you. Moreover, the 12 Houses in your Kundli are a roadmap of your past, present and future. As the planets in the sky move across these houses, all sorts of events are triggered in your life — both tangible and emotional.

Every house in the horoscope carries a unique meaning and represents a specific area of life.Indeed, the twelve houses are truly what makes astrology so spectacular. How these houses work is fairly complex, but we will make it easy for you to understand what the 8th house in Kundli is all about.

About 8th House in Vedic Astrology

The 8th house is commonly referred to as the House of Sex and also the House of Death.

It reveals what our relationships will bring to us and how we can get the most out of them.Just like its natural ruling planet Saturn (which stands for equality and justice), the 8th House stands for equal opportunity. It places sex, death and rebirth on the same level and acknowledges the importance and viability of all three. Death and rebirth is a part of life. Failed relationships leading to new ones, career changes, and even a new haircut, all indicate this aspect. We are reborn and regenerated with each new phase and should welcome them all. 

The 8 th house essentially transforms our insecurities into strengths. The change that we experience through this house drives us to look deeper into the hidden aspects of our self and explore life. How we manage our interactions, relationships and rituals is important to the 8th house.

Shared resources such as inheritance, insurance, taxes, alimony, etc., all fall under the realm of the 8th House in Kundli. Besides, this house addresses financial and physical support as well as emotional and spiritual support.  

The planetary indicator for the eighth house is Saturn because it shows loss and the need to do things carefully.

Fundamentals of 8th House in Kundli

Vedic name of 8th House: Ayu Sthan / Nidhan Bhava

Natural Ruling Planet and Sign: Saturn and Scorpio

Body parts associated: Reproductive system, genital area, private parts and colon area

People in 8th House: Those we are afraid of losing; those we fear in general; those we can’t control; the astrologer, hypnotist, therapist, insurance agent, a killer

Activities in 8th House: Strengthening our deep insecurities, hypnotherapy,counselling, exorcism, transformative work, death

Planets in 8th House of Kundli: Significance and Effects

The role of the planets in the 8th house varies for each individual. Let’s understand how the planets influence the natives of the 8th house.

Sun in 8th House: The Sun in the 8th house reveals that you will work towards exploring the deepest mysteries of life. This may influence your interest in the occult, mystery and psychic matters. You may even have the capacity to be a healer. Relations with in-laws and other relatives post-marriage may be unpleasant due to an afflicted or weak Sun.

Moon in 8th House: The Moon in the 8th house in Kundli will make you a private person and you will mostly keep your feelings to yourself. Moon also suggests wealth and you may gain wealth through legacy. You may also enjoy financial gains through marriage or partners. Possessions give you a sense of security and fulfilment. An afflicted Moon tends to fill your mind with psychological fears.  

Jupiter in 8th House: Being the planet of philosophy, Jupiter in the 8th house gives you a probing nature. You have the potential to become a great teacher and guide in occult matters, which can help heal mankind. You are an optimistic and cooperative person. Financial gains come to you through a partner or an inheritance.

Venus in 8th House: There is a possibility of obsession with sensual pleasure, which could cause your downfall. The desires of Venus usually lead you to commit mistakes which result in painful outcomes. Besides the occult, psychic studies and metaphysics, your interests also include magic and healing. The wealth that you need to live a luxurious life will come to you through your partner. 

Mars in 8th House: This placement is one of the most dangerous in a Kundli. The reckless Mars combined with the eight houses is where mistakes may lead to dire consequences.You have the intensity to get down to the nitty-gritty -- anything that takes you close to the edge. Don’t be impulsive. Financial trouble due to a partner is likely.

Mercury in 8th House: With Mercury in the 8th house, you are likely to become a penetrative thinker, especially a writer. You will be associated with death in one way or the other way – possibly through wills, funerals, cemeteries or criminal investigation. Your curious mind is evident through your desire to get to the depth of matters and unravel secrets. You are likely to receive financial gains or face losses due to inheritance and contracts. 

Saturn in 8th House: Saturn in this house indicates someone hard-working, self-disciplined, patient and prudent with expenses. This placement also indicates delays and obstructions in matters related to inheritance, debt and sexual satisfaction. It may also interfere with your health, making your illnesses chronic and prolonged. Additionally, Saturn the planet of our fears, is likely to challenge and intimidate you through life. But making peace with painful realities will help you to sail through.

Rahu in 8th House: This placement is usually malefic in astrology, similar to Mars where you act impulsively. It could lead to disastrous consequences. Tread slowly and carefully especially when you are distressed. However, a well-placed Rahu indicates that you will be gentle in your thoughts. You will have a healthy and wealthy life as you advance towards old age.

Ketu in 8th House: Ketu in the 8th house in Kundli indicates a good character, happiness,successful career and longevity. However, an afflicted Ketu indicates problems in the recovery of loans or advance money given to others. Also, there is potential for injuries,losing friends, fear of vehicles, tension and excessive opposition.

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