11th House in Kundli

11th House in Kundli

The birth chart is a blueprint of the sky at the moment of your birth. Sounds extraordinary?

Well, it rather is! 

Each of the nine planets in Vedic astrology exists within a House (Bhava) in your birth chart (Kundli). Apart from providing invaluable insights about your personality, the placement of the planets illustrates how you are connected and how you coexist with the world around
you. Moreover, the 12 Houses in your Kundli are a roadmap of your past, present and future. As the planets in the sky move across these houses, all sorts of events are triggered in your life — both tangible and emotional.

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Every house in the horoscope carries a unique meaning and represents a specific area of life.Indeed, the twelve houses are truly what makes astrology so spectacular. How these houses work is fairly complex, but we will make it easy for you to understand what the 11th house in Kundli is all about.

About 11th House in Vedic Astrology

The 11th House in Kundli is known as Labh Bhava meaning House of Profit, Wealth and Honour. Thus this house indicates the profits we will make during different phases of our life. But it is not just about personal ambition – it indicates our attitude towards society and the concept of group advantage. 

This house reveals what we want in the highest sense. More so, the way the eleventh house manifests, is determined by the energies of the 10th house. As our capacity to impact changes grows in the tenth house, so do our ambitions in the eleventh House. The 11th house represents the universal nature of the world -- the need to endure and stand tall amidst the great pressures of life (10th house) and the ultimate transformations (12th house).

Determining the placement of the 11th house ascertains how you will fare socially and financially, and whether you are likely to succeed in these spheres. Since the 11th house relates to Labha or gains, it is crucial to determine what will bring you success and what will not, whether your hopes and desires will be realised, whether you will succeed in your endeavours, and so on.

The 11th house also presides over the aspect of pleasure. Besides, it indicates profit, prosperity, progress in the attempts made, peace after the aspirations have been realised,and the permanent bonding of friendship. The desire to attend reunions is indicated by the eleventh house. The reason for analysing the aspects of this house is to understand the type of emotional attachments you are likely to have.

The eleventh house also rules friendship, teamwork, networking and humanitarian pursuits.This house also represents our collective goals and aspirations for the betterment of humanity. 

Fundamentals of 11th House in Kundli

Vedic name of 11th House: Labh Bhava 

Natural Ruling Planet and Sign: Sun and Aquarius 

Body parts associated: Ankles, shins and calves

People in 11th House: Famous people, public figures, celebrities,   politicians, highly successful and wealthy people

Activities in 11th House: Winning, accumulating wealth, influencing and affecting large groups of people, saving the world

Planets in 11th House of Kundli: Significance and Effects

Sun in 11th House: The Sun residing in the 11th House indicates high ambition and enthusiasm to achieve goals. This planetary placement is beneficial for realising your dreams and attaining success if you have the support of others. With Sun in this house, you are likely to have a humanitarian predisposition.

Moon in 11th House: The planet Moon represents the “inner self”. In the 11th House the moon orients your emotions towards others or the public. You are likely to be a very cooperative person who is often involved in social work. You make lasting bonds with people and these associations are of great help at a later time. 

Jupiter in 11th House: If Jupiter is in your 11th House, you will have many friendly connections who will offer help whenever needed and you will reciprocate likewise. This planetary placement indicates a high level of idealism, hope and love for greater causes. No wonder, you will always try to do the highest good for the betterment of humanity through social causes.

Venus in 11th House: The position of Venus in the 11th House portrays the native’s affable nature. This makes you quite popular in social circles. The native is driven by the desire to make the world a better place. There is a deep interest in causes that benefit children, women and animals. You like to please others. However, make sure do not suppress your own identity while doing so.

Mars in 11th House: The 11th House in Kundli with Mars shows that the native will persist to the end in their efforts until they fulfil their goals. You have a strong desire to lead social groups and you are often capable of doing it well. Forming bonds with new people also comes naturally to you. However, your optimistic and impulsive behaviour could sometimes work to your detriment as people may take undue advantage of your open nature.

Mercury in 11th House: Natives with Mercury in the eleventh house tend to be serious people who value intellectual cooperation. You are inclined towards literary and scientifically disposed persons. You tend to have original and effective ideas, and love to share them with others through group involvement. Due to the influence of Mercury you prefer social success over power and ambition which comes from profession or business. 

Saturn in 11th House: The placement of Saturn in the 11th house implies that your efforts will be practical and determined. This will make you aware of the potential within you to be of great service to others. Even though you will be acquainted with many people, forming close relationships may be difficult. But once your trust is sealed, you will have long-lasting friendships. Afflicted Saturn in this house may require you to be careful as your acquaintances may use you for their selfish gains.

Rahu in 11th House: With Rahu in the 11th House in Kundli, there will be great ambitions and the desire to succeed. You will feel stimulated and extremely competitive. You will reap gains in the marketplace through your social networks. However, Rahu tends to nudge you into using shady means to make financial gains through your social circle. But with a more developed Rahu, you will witness a desire to serve in areas higher than yourself, such as art and culture.

Ketu in 11th House: A positive Ketu in the 11th House is likely to make you successful in life.You will have a stable financial standing. Natives with this placement usually have limited desires in life. You will maintain a small social circle. In fact, you will have an aversion to being a part of a large group. You will have a few, selected friends and your social life is likely to be just average. When Ketu is more evolved, the native will have natural people skills and an understanding of culture and service, which could lead to bigger things.

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