6th House in Kundli

6th House in Kundli

The birth chart is a blueprint of the sky at the moment of your birth. Sounds extraordinary?

Well, it rather is! 

Each of the nine planets in Vedic astrology exists within a House (Bhava) in your birth chart (Kundli). Apart from providing invaluable insights about your personality, the placement of the planets illustrates how you are connected and how you coexist with the world around
you. Moreover, the 12 Houses in your Kundli are a roadmap of your past, present and future. As the planets in the sky move across these houses, all sorts of events are triggered in your life — both tangible and emotional.

Every house in the horoscope carries a unique meaning and represents a specific area of life.Indeed, the twelve houses are truly what makes astrology so spectacular. How these houses work is fairly complex, but we will make it easy for you to understand what the 6th house in
Kundli is all about.


About 6th House in Vedic Astrology

The 6th house in Kundli corresponds mostly to health, wellness and daily routine. 

All aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as diet, nutrition, exercise and the pursuit of self-improvement are related to the 6th house. Interestingly, this house is also the ruler of pets and small cattle, maybe because of the role they play in our health and daily responsibilities.

The 6th house is related to enemies, debts, disease, job and occupation. Also known as the House of Sickness, this house reveals illnesses and the expected duration of existing diseases.
Those with birth charts in this zone are often driven by organization and structure. They tend to focus on time and calendar management.

It also indicates the relationships you share with co-workers, labour and maternal relatives.This house represents the disputes and litigation you are involved in and your ability to manage them. It is also a sign of self-discipline and selfless service. As the realm of unpleasantness and servitude, the 6 th house tests the power of your love. Does it expand
you beyond your own self-fulfilment, your likes and dislikes?


Fundamentals of 6th House in Kundli

Vedic name of 6th House: Ari Bhava or Shatru Bhava
Natural Ruling Planet and Sign: Mercury and Virgo
Body parts associated: Stomach, intestines and digestive tract
People in 6th House: Competitors, distant relatives, employees, beings that we control such as pets.
Activities in 6th House: Paying bills, performing menial jobs, spending money,fighting and arguing, sacrificing happiness


Planets in 6th House of Kundli: Significance and Effects

Sun in 6th House: When the Sun resides in the 6th House, you will have needs and feelings that revolve around work. This placement also indicates promotion to a higher position as a result of your continuous efforts. You are very dedicated to your work and have a strong
sense of service. A positive Sun will help you build resistance to diseases. You will enjoy good immunity and stamina.

Moon in 6th House: The Moon in the 6th house compels you to serve others for emotional fulfilment. You make for a helpful co-worker and employee. This placement also shows a difficult emotional and mental outlook for you. You will be quite moody at times which may
affect your everyday life and behaviour. Nevertheless, you manage to keep your emotional life fairly light and easy. The Moon may cause digestive problems due to stress and anxiety. 

Jupiter in 6th House: Although Jupiter is the most benefic planet of all, its placement in this unfavourable house neutralises its positive properties. It will interfere with your health due to overindulgence and you may face problems related to the liver and blood circulation. You
will have to work hard for financial gains. However, Jupiter’s presence in the 6th house will bless you with high levels of grace, allowing you to learn from your enemies and from your mistakes. Venus in 6th House: With Venus in the 6th House, you will want to be of service at work.
You have the ability to find the middle ground and settle arguments during conflicts. Venus will make it possible for you to handle unpleasant situations with grace. This may include enemies created by unpleasant circumstances. You will have satisfactory health, but you
need to keep a check on overindulgence with food.

Mars in 6th House: Mars in the 6th House helps to overcome difficulties and vanquish enemies. This placement makes you active, competitive and dynamic. Mars can also make you suffer from a high fever. You are vulnerable to losses due to fire or accidents at the
workplace. You will be physically hardworking, but you may often indulge in conflicts.

Mercury in 6th House: Mercury in the 6th house will make your mind restless. You are prone to health issues arising from stress and anxiety. Make an effort to maintain peace. You should be cautious when it comes to your studies and work. You tend to drive yourself
too hard. Be careful as this could lead to nervous disorders.

Saturn in 6th House: Saturn in the 6th House of Kundli indicates that you will be determined to face difficulties and will not give up until the lessons are learned. These lessons are learned the hard way and will teach you to fulfil your duties and maintain your health. Pay
attention to your diet, as Saturn can make trouble for you on the health front, especially your digestive system. You tend to worry unnecessarily, which may lead to depression.

Rahu in 6th House: The 6th House is a positive location for Rahu. You will be a pro at conflict management. Rahu makes your endeavours successful through service to others.You may incur gains or losses due to loans, bankruptcy, divorce, or breach of contract. You may be engaged in many struggles and even acquire several enemies, yet all this will lead to self-healing and service. 

Ketu in 6th House: With Ketu in the 6th House, you tend to avoid unpleasant circumstances in life. You would rather surrender to a relaxed life. This is usually not a favourable placement in the horoscope. You will be vulnerable to accidents and injuries. It will even
cause a lot of obstructions in life. However, you will have the ability to emerge victorious through the challenges with your efforts and hard work.

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