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Grahan Dosh

The word Grahan means “eclipse”. When an individual is born during a Solar or Lunar eclipse, it is said that the person has Grahan dosh. The formation of this dosh is due to the presence of the shadow planets,Rahu and Ketu. In this dosh, Rahu and Ketu are in close conjunction of the Sun or Moon. But just as no adverse impact is permanent, this dish will also leave your life after a certain period of time. So try not to be fearful during this period.

The four possible combinations of the Grahan Dosh are:

             >Purna Surya Grahan Dosh - When Sun and Rahu are in the same house

             > Partial Surya Grahan Dosh - When Sun and Ketu are in the same house

             >Purna Chandra Grahan Dosh - When Moon and Rahu are in the same house

             > Partial Chandra Grahan Dosh - When Moon and Ketu are in the same house

Every zodiac sign reacts differently to the Grahan dosh. The position of other planets at the time of your birth is very significant. Saturn can increase the adversities that the Grahan dosh will impose on your life, while a favourable planet can curb the harshness of the dosh. Apart from this, you should also look out for the impact of Mahadasha and the following Antardasha. Everything works together to lay the results of the dosh in your life.


Effects of Grahan Dosh in Kundli

The problems that arise due to Grahan dosh are repetitive and you will experience the negative impacts frequently. Firstly, you may not get married at all. If you do, the relationship with your spouse will be rocky. Conceiving a baby will be very difficult and there could be persistent mishaps during the pregnancy.

Frustration and anger may arise due to repeated failures in your business. There will be many troubles at work as well, and you will never feel settled in. There will be no peace of mind and you will reflect the same in your surroundings. Daily Skirmishes and therefore a tense atmosphere will become constantin the office and at home. Your growth will come at a standstill no matter how hard you work. The path that you want to pursue will become hazy.

To estimate how exactly the Grahan dosh will impact your life, you must first ascertain the strength with which the different planets are present in your horoscope. It has also been observed that the Grahandosh has ancestral origins. So it can come into your life due to the misdeeds of your forefathers, or if this dosh was present in their lives also.

Some general effects of the Grahan dosh are:Losing your fame and respect in society; feeling of isolation;major changes in life; serious health issues;loss of discretion; and difficulty in taking the right decisions. The Grahan dosh appears in our lives to help us understand how important it is to be right and virtuous, and to have peace of mind which is vital to basic happiness. The Grahan dosh takes our focus away from materialistic possessions such as money. You will become spiritually inclined and will learn to concentrate on what is truly needed for you to grow in this lifetime. This dosh can be a boon if it is deciphered correctly.


Remedies of Grahan Dosh in Vedic Astrology

Becoming aware that a Grahan dosh has entered your life is bound to throw up considerable confusion and stress; make sure you don’t fall to pieces.It is imperative that retain your balance and seek the guidance of a trustworthy astro professional.

Chanting Chandra Moola Mantra 108 times every day will calm your mind and reduce the negative effects of Grahan dosh. Apart from this,performing good deeds can also help tremendously. Donating things at the time of grahan will also help to reduce the malefic effect of Grahan dosh in your life.

Various gemstones and yantras can help in reducing the ill effects of the dosh. You should consult a reliable astrologer who will read your horoscope and determine the sort of help you need.

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