Nadi Dosh

Nadi Dosh

The Kundalis or birth charts of the prospective bride and groom are matched before a Hindu marriage is finalised. This is done to ascertain the compatibility of the couple's thoughts and emotions.

Thirty-six gunas are checked in both the Kundalis. Of these 36 gunas, 8 gunas are awarded to the Nadi guna. This is the maximum number of gunas given to the Nadi Koota. Eight Quotes Are taken into consideration, out of which Nadi Koota has the highest weightage and thereby is of great importance.

It has been concluded that to have a happy and prosperous married life, the Nadi of the husband and wife should be different. If the couple have the same nadi they are said to have Nadi dosh in their horoscope.The ill-effects of Nadi dosh can be diminished to a great extent by considering various placement and other factors. Thus, even if there is Nadidoshit it should be studied from different standpoints to accurately ascertain how well the marital match will work in the long run. For this, you should consult a reliable astrologer from an authentic source.

There are three types of Nadi --Aadi (the first Nadi), Madhya (the middle Nadi) and Antar (the last Nadi). If the girl is from the first nadi, the boy should not be from the first nadi as well, or the Nadi dosh will persist. The most severe ill-effect is the questionable normalcy and growth of the offspring that will be conceived in the future. The children might suffer from mental issues or have other complications. If the Nakshatra or Rashi of the couple is not the same, the Nadi dosh is considered cancelled.

Effects of Nadi Dosh in Kundli 

A meeting of minds is necessary for a couple to be happy together; there should be a balance in the way they think and act. In short, mutual compatibility is critical.If the husband and wife both are very short-tempered or extremely quiet, this will lead to miscommunication and disagreements. Thus Nadi dosh can prove to be very dangerous if not tackled well.

The most severe effect of Nadi dosh falls on the prosperity of the married life of the couple. One of the most basic effects could be their health. Other ill-effects include disputes and fights, and the absence of love or attraction between the two. In the worst-case scenario the couple couldhead for divorce. Also, sudden death or a serious accident could occur in the case of any one partner. You might stop believing in your partner and there could be a constantly tense atmosphere when you are together, leading to strong negative vibes.

Progeny Related problems are also very common in this dosh. You might find it hard to conceive a baby even after many years of marriage. There are chances that either you or your partner is infertile which can lead to mental stress and anxiety.It is likely that you will never have children and if you do, they will not be able to lead a healthy life.

NadiDosha Remedies in Vedic Astrology

A NadiNivarana Puja is one of the best Nadi Dosha remedies. This should be performed by a knowledgeable astrologer. Taking any dosh lightly can prove to be fatal and thus there should be no compromise in enlisting the help of a good astrologer. Donating food, money and other items to the needy can also reduce the strain in your horoscope arising from this dosh.

It will prove helpful if you make positive changes in your life. Maintaining peace with the people you interact with everyday can reduce the chances of unnecessary arguments and bad temper. Several gemstones, yantras and mantras can be of great help too. Chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra will help at times like this.

If a future couple has a Nadi Dosha in their kundali, they should follow the remedies together to remove the dosh. It would be a good remedy for the girl to be married to Lord Vishnu first. Donating to a Brahmin or feeding cows can also be good for you.

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