Shrapit Dosh

Shrapit Dosh

‘Shrapit’ means one who has been cursed due to his or her misdeeds during a past life.Shrapit dosh is formed when Saturn and Rahu come together in a single house. This is an extremely malefic dosh which can affect your career, health or just about anything else in your life. There will be no apparent cause for the adverse occurrences in your life which will recur with baffling regularity. This dosh has the power to dilute the good effects of the other yogas and Mahadashas too.

Astrologically speaking, it is considered bad luck to have your past life karma chasing your existence in this lifetime. The planet Saturn is known for awarding unbiased judgments and punishments in line with good and bad actions. The impact of Saturn during shrapit dosh differs from person to person and the effects thus may also vary.

It is believed that Shrapit dosh can pass on from one generation to the next if its effect is not reduced by administering proper remedies. When you are under the effect of shrapit dosh, the problems might stretch across your entire life with no ray of hope.

Effects of Shrapit Dosh in Kundli

The most common and basic effects of shrapit dosh are seen in your marriage. There will be regular quarrels with your children or your spouse and things may take a violent turn. Divorce is a clear possibility if you have the shrapit dosh. Death of a spouse is also a common effect of this dosh. Conceiving a baby or maintaining an existing pregnancy may become a challenge.

Your child might get sick often without showing any real symptoms. Mental unrest is very common during the shrapit dosh which can lead to anxiety and stress. The aura of your house and the vibes around you will never be comforting due to the effects of Shrapit dosh. This restlessness will never cease unless you take the help of shrapit dosh remedies and follow them diligently.

There are chances that you will face considerable difficulty in completing your education due to lack of funds or the inability to concentrate. This can impact your future and your career. If you have a job, there are chances that you will not perform well, resulting in unemployment. Your self-confidence will be at the lowest ebb.

Financial loss is another prominent effect of the shrapit dosh. This could be sudden or gradual, but it is very likely to happen during this period. It will be very hard for you to enjoy the small joys and luxuries of life. There will always be an all-pervading atmosphere of gloom around you.


Shrapit Dosh Remedies in Vedic Astrology

The shrapit dosh will be a very harsh period of your life. It will simply not allow anything to bring positive effects for you. The shrapit dosh remedies are many and these can reduce the bad effects of the dosh to great extent. You need to be very conscientious in following these remedies and include them in your daily routine. Eschewing bad habits can considerably reduce the impacts of Shrapit dosh.

Performing Shani and Rahu Shrapit Dosh Nivaran Puja can help greatly. For good results, this puja should be performed by an experienced pandit only. Wearing the right gemstones can be very effective in curbing the effect of the shrapit dosh. Reciting the Beej Mantra of Saturn and Rahu 108 times a day is also one of the best shrapit dosh remedies.

Selfless service to the poor as well as elderly family members can improve your condition immensely during this time. Worshipping Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva can also be beneficial during the shrapit dosh.

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