Kemdrum Dosh

Kemdrum Dosh

Kemdrum Dosh and Kemdrum yoga are two names for the same dosh.It is said that the Kemdrum Dosh hits you when there is no planet on either side of the Moon. According to many astrologers, this dosh is not as malefic as it is generally believed to be. If the placement of the moon is favourable, this period can prove to be a good time for you.

Moon is related to the mind and our moods. When the dominance of the moon is high in your horoscope, you will notice your thoughts altering to an alarming degree. You are likely to form baseless ideas in your head and fall prey to overthinking. You will indulge in over-discussing matters which are of low consequence. This can prove to be a very bad phase during which you could face poverty and disease. You may have trouble with your enemies, and even friends.

It is believed that any one particular aspect of your life will face the highest impact. Either your education will remain incomplete forever or you may not get married at all. If you do get married,you will never be happy. You may never settle down well in life.

Effects of Kemdrum Dosh In Kundli

The positive effects of Kemdrum Dosh are many. You will feel extremely confident during this phase; you will never give up, no matter what the situation. Intellect will come as a boon to those afflicted with this dosh. You could very well attain a good position. Your good nature will earn name and fame for you. But these very things can turn around completely, so tread carefully during this period.

Moon is considered to be very important in Vedic astrology. Thus when no planet is present anywhere close to the moon, nothing good is added to your life.There will be many ups and downs in your life. Since things are liable to change unexpectedly, this period will see you in a state of constant confusion. It doesn’t matter whether or not you achieve success; you will feel utterly lost most of the time. Undoubtedly the Moon will leave a deep impact on your life. Your decision-making abilities will deteriorate during the Kemdrumdosh and thus there are chances that due to a wrong decision, you could lose all that you have acquired.

It is believed that this dosh brings extreme financial difficulty. Thus you should be careful in money matters. It is very likely that you will be inclined towards immoral activities; the sense of right and wrong will not come easily to you when the Kemdrum dosh is ongoing.

You will want to be left alone. In fact, your loved ones may themselves opt to stay away from you. This isolation could make you the victim of an over-active imagination and take you away from reality. It will become extremely difficult for you to keep your composure at public gatherings or family functions.The Moon is related to your mind which will waver continuously; you will have no control over it most of the time. Thus during Kemdrum dosh your faltering mind will overrule logic and reason, rendering you directionless.

On the other hand, you could become highly creative and imaginative during Kemdrum dosh. You may become spiritually inclined which will help you to control your thoughts. Once you start using this detachment to your benefit, this dosh will become a boon and there will be a deeper understanding of the things happening in your life.

Kemdrum Yoga Remedies in Vedic Astrology

Fasting on Mondays and Purnima Could Prove to be one of the greatest Kemdrum dosh remedies. Also praying to Lord Shiva will be highly beneficial for your fate. Donating white things (which is the colour of the moon)such as milk, curd, rice etc can also earn good deeds and greatly reduce the bad impact of Kemdrum dosh.

You should involve yourself in activities that will exercise the mind because this dosh is nothing more than the play of the mind. Keep the company of good people and indulge in positive conversations to nourish your mind, helping it to think straight. This is one of the most practical and easily doable Kemdrum yoga remedies. HavingGangajal in your home can also prove to be very helpful in the time of crisis.

Kemdrum dosh is not completely destructive -- it can bear positive results too depending on various factors. So don’t be frightened if it appears in your kundali. Consult a good astrology professional for advice.

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