Lagna Dosha

Lagna Dosha

Lagna is a very important factor in anyone’s kundali. If your Lagna is strong and the Lagna lord is placed in an exalted position, many yogas will form in your life. But if the Lagna lord is not placed correctly, this condition is said to be the Lagna dosha. Your Lagna should be strong to have a happy and prosperous life. If there is no malefic intervention from other planetary placements, you will have a life full of virtue and longevity.

Lagna is nothing but the sun sign. Don’t confuse it with Rashi, which signifies the moon signs. Both are completely different from each other. However, both are equally important in determining various things. Your sun sign can tell a lot about your personality and the kind of individual you are. The moon sign reveals more about your feelings and inner emotions. Thus you might relate more to your moon sign in terms of your outlook and thinking. Rashi and Lagna are closely knit and give combined results while defining you as a person.

Your kundali can be read without your Lagna being at the forefront. Thus it is a very important aspect that could make your life better or worse. The first house of the kundali is Lagna that is why it is considered the first contact between your soul and the Earth. If your zodiac is Aries and the Lagna is in First House, then your Lagna lord is Mars. Likewise, your Lagna lord can be Jupiter, Saturn or Venus. This depends on your natal chart. If it is not well placed then Lagna dosha will enter your life.

Effects of Lagna Dosha In Kundli

The effects of Lagna dosha will be dictated by how you are going to live your life. If you are strong in one aspect of life – let’s say, Finances -- then due to this i'll placement, you could suffer in other aspects. You could become extremely ill, possibly even with a fatal disease. You could lose a lot of strength and not be able to enjoy the riches you have during the Lagna dosha. Therefore,the placement of Lagna will decide if you will have a happy life or there will be serious complications. It will also decide whether or not you will have a strong aura throughout your life.

It is not particularly important as to which Lagna lord is present in your kundali. What is important to ascertain is whether it is a strong planet or a weak one. What really matters is the position that Lagna lord has in your kundali. Some of the other important factors to consider are: The degree at which the Lagna lord is sitting and which other planets are surrounding it.This is what any astrologer will check first in your kundali because many things are a result of this factor alone.

It is important to get your horoscope read by an experienced person because there are several things to be considered and deciphered while studying the Lagna dosha. Your Lagna lord will present opposite and negative results to what it otherwise gives, when placed correctly in the houses. The bad results given by the planet will surface in your life from time to time.

If your Lagna lord is in 6th, 8th or 12th house it makes for a rather bad combination, and you will have the Lagna Dosha. If your Lagna lord is with Sun, even that would lead to Lagna dosha. If your Lagna lord goes where the placement is not highly sought, then this can also be the reason for having Lagna dosha in your horoscope. If your Lagna lord is between Saturn and Rahu/Ketu there will be a very bad impact on your life. This is also one way in which Lagna dosha appears in your life. All of the above are the conditions for having Lagna dosha in your life. Needless to say, you should be very careful around these malefic arrangements.

Lagna Dosha Remedies in Vedic Astrology

Do follow the recommended remedies or you will remain highly stressed throughout your life.The best remedy is to opt for the right gemstone as per your Lagna lord. This can help tremendously in reducing the impact. All the nine planets have their specific mantra and if you chant them 108 times a day, you will remain content and happy. Also, you should donate as per the features of the planet. Consult a good astrologer for more information.

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