Sakata Dosha

Sakata Dosha

"Sakata" means wheel and "Yoga" is not always an auspicious time in your life. Shakat Dosha is not completely beneficial; it works like the wheel of fortune. People with this yoga will be faced with significant changes in their lives in terms of happiness. The Shakata yoga is formed in the horoscope when the Moon is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house from Jupiter.

Due to the basic nature of this yoga, you will find it hard to have any stability at all. You will find yourself constantly bewildered. You will attain significant professional success in the first few years,followed by a sudden downfall. It is also possible that no matter how hard you work or how well you do it, success will always remain elusive due to the Sakata Dosha. There are chances that you will become successful, but quite late in life.

When the moon is involved in any yoga,you will find your thoughts becoming severely affected. Brace yourself for a period of restlessness. Your hard work will be followed closely by stress and anxieties. Good results will come in late.

It is said that if you have been involved in deceitful activities in the past, you will face this yoga in your life. It does not matter if you did these things knowingly or unknowingly; Sakata yoga is sure to show up. Your misdeeds may have seemed small and trivial when you committed them but their impact will be great and will be seen at a later point in your life. Indeed, what goes around, comes around.  Sakata yoga has the power to nullify the good that the other astrological arrangements are giving to your life. That is why it is considered to be a very inauspicious yoga.

Effects of Sakata Dosha in Kundli

There is a high likelihood of losing what you have achieved in your life when Sakata Dosha creeps into your horoscope. You could become easily distracted, thus you need to be extremely goal-oriented when it comes to achieving your dreams. Even though the chances are high that you will lose everything during the course of yoga, it also gives you room to get back on track. You can start afresh and be in a good place.

Any happiness that comes your way during the Sakata Yoga will be short-lived, so don’t take things for granted during this period. Similarly, the misery you are facing will also be short-lived. Nothing will be permanent in your life while this dosh lasts. Your mind will work overtime and you will feel mentally exhausted due to the overthinking.

Owing to the presence of the Moon you will be in a state of constant fear for no particular reason. You will always have a sinking feeling which can be harmful over an extended period of time. A feeling of insecurity will pervade you at all times and your thoughts will be ridden with dilemmas.

Luck will leave your side when matters of money and wealth come into play. As stated earlier, Sakata Yoga can take away all your fortunes and push you into poverty. Your friends and family will also avoid you because of your changed behaviour. This can make you feel isolated and lonely. You will have to face your troubles alone.

Remedies of Shakat Yoga in Vedic Astrology

Chanting Sri Suktam Mantra can be helpful to ease the Shakata Yoga Period and bring solace to your otherwise haphazard life. Unfortunately, there are no specific remedies to nullify the effects of this yoga. You can just simply engage in activities that keep you sane and happy. Also, helping those in need can only be good for you.

Pray to Lord Shiva and offer physical sewa in places of worship. Participating in religious activities can only help with the ill effects of Shakata Yoga. It is all about how you channelize your life during this tough period.

This yoga brings both good and bad into your life. Don’t stop the good deeds once this period is over. In fact, you should step up the intensity of your good work when things get better. Doing this will lessen future hindrances in your life.

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