Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh

You need to understand that Pitra Dosh is not the curse of your ancestors; it is the sum total of your forefathers’ misdeeds that have followed you into this birth. Pitru Dosha could occur in your life if your ancestors had killed, tortured or stolen from someone, or if they had gathered wealth using wrong means or had harbour wrong intentions throughout their lives.

So, if your elders or ancestors had committed these sinful deeds or had been involved in deceit and malefic practices, you will have to pay for their past karma in this birth. This is the reason for the Pitra dosh to appear in your horoscope. You will have to bearmany punishments in various aspects of your life.

This type of dosh can be nullified by either constantly performing good deeds or just waiting until the punishment period is over. The beneficial effects of a different planet and Mahadasha Will be of no use when this dosh is ongoing. If you face unexpected problems time and again or you are not able to conceive a child, these are signs that you might have Pitra dosh. However, this is a generalised way of viewing the dosh.

There are varied planetary combinations which could cause the arrival of different kinds of Pitra Dosha in your life. These planetary positions could occur between Rahu and Ketu, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. Many other such patterns can also be formed.

Effects of Pitra Dosh in Kundli

Your family life will be completely disturbed if you have Pitra Dosha. The most serious and vast impacts befall family life as this dosh is related to family lineage. Death of an offspring due to unknown reasons is also common while the dosh has its claws dug deeply dug in your life. Your child may fall ill frequently or you may have frequent quarrels with those close to you. Mental illness will be prominent. Diseases will plague you and your children frequently. Accidents and deaths are very common during this period.

Due to all this going on, various other parts of your life are also badly affected. Pitra dosh can make you financially unstable. You may lose riches or will not be able to manage what you have already acquired. There are chances that you will come close to losing everything, including your social standing and the respect of those around you.

You could be overcome with debt and fall into poverty. The job you are in could pose considerable problems even though you are working hard. Many things that happen to you during Pitra dosh are due to no particular reason.It will be very hard for you to get married; Pitra dosh often delays marriages. If You do get married, you will find it hard to conceive a child. Miscarriages are very likely, bringing unrest and sadness in your life.

Pitra dosh can bring your life to a complete standstill. Keeping your calm and working on your patience will help you to be strong during these difficult times.

Pitra Dosh Remedies in Vedic Astrology

The most advised remedy is to perform Shradh on the day your ancestors left the world. This should be done with heartfelt gratitude. If you are constantly having problems within your family then performing Shradh and seeking the blessings of your deceased elders can do wonders. Do not buy anything new or start a new venture during this time. There should be no celebrations in the family no matter what the occasion, during the Shradh period which is 15 days. You should have the Pitra dosh nivaran puja performed by a learned pandit to ease the ill effects of the pitra dosh.

Some basic pitra dosh remedies are watering a banyan tree regularly, feeding the Brahmins, or donating to the poor and needy. Practising mediation will prove beneficial as it will help you to control anger bouts and increase your tolerance levels.  You can also opt to wear the recommended gemstones to reduce the effects of Pitrudosha. This should be done after consulting a reliable pandit or astrologer for correct guidance.

Praying to Lord Rama is also a good Pitra dosh remedy. Visiting well-known temples from time to time to receive blessings can also help a lot. Fasting during this period will prove beneficial. These are some of the remedies which can reduce or eliminate the effect of Pitra dosh from your life.

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