Gems Stone


Gemstones are mineral pieces of crystals used as jewellery or rock which have aesthetic value. During the era of maharajas, gemstones were considered royal possessions. Only they knew about the healing powers of gemstones and the mystical help they provided them. The common mass could neither afford them nor did they know about its benefits.
Today gemstones are easily accessible to everyone. They are no more exclusive or pride of only the kings. Now they are out there to provide healing assistance to people all over the world. One needs to understand that only natural gemstones can provide healing benefit to the wearer.
A person cannot randomly choose to wear any stone he or she likes. Each stone is associated with a planet and carries a particular type of healing properties. One needs to consult an expert astrologer to know which stone is beneficial for him or her according to their birth chart.
Gemstones have a special significance in Vedic astrology. The basic aim of gemstones is to pacify the planets which are likely to affect the person negatively in different aspects of life.
A few years back people had no idea about the power of gemstones but lately, a lot of people are wearing it and can see a difference in their lives.

Know which gemstone would be lucky for you?

Each gemstone has a mystical power which varies in power. If the astrologer has suggested you a particular stone, then he will also tell you about the size, weight, the metal within which you have to wear and along with the day. Doing this will make you wear the stone on a positive day which will help you to nullify the effect of a negative planet in your life.
You will need to consult an expert astrologer to know about the stone you are supposed to wear. Each zodiac and planet is associated with a stone. Do not be under the myth that if you are born at the same time and day as your sibling, you can wear the same stone. Each person has a specific birth chart and it cannot be same as another person.

Significance of Gemstones

The gemstones have the power to connect with your body and expand their power to heal
They have the power to emit vibrations and energies which are therapeutic for all
One must know that before wearing two stones together you must know whether they are compatible or not
Gemstones are not only worn by the Hindus instead, people from varied religion also wear gemstones for its properties to make life better

Benefits of gemstones

Gemstones help in connecting with self, which helps you to get answers to your questions
Some gemstones have healing power to improve your health, career, family, business
The gemstones help to soothe or calm the energy within you, to overcome panic
It helps to clean the negativity in your life
They help to accentuate your creativity, talent, confidence and remove all barriers from life
The benefits of gemstones are endless and vary from stone to stone. There are many types of stones. Precious, semi-precious, healing etc
Get in touch with a professional astrologer, who can analyse your birth chart and suggest you the right gemstone to wear. You might take a few days to adjust to the stone. If after some time you do not feel good wearing the stone then stop wearing it and visit the astrologer. As stones have a lot of power to make or break your life, make sure you do not wear it without being energised and on the right day, finger and time.

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