The onyx gemstone is the only stone which has multiple stories of its origin that vary from culture to culture. According to astrology, this protective stone is ruled by Mars and Saturn. It is also the birthstone of the zodiac sign Leo. It helps fight conflicts in life and also protects from negativity. The stone specialises in providing structure and authority in the wearer’s life.
It is formed by the gas cavities in volcanic lava. Today the stone is available in various colours, forms and types but the black onyx with parallel banded layers is the most precious and rare to find.  
Like other gemstones available in the market, onyx also has great astrological properties which help to heal from various kinds of problems and fears.
With the help of your birth chart, you can know whether you need to wear the stone or not. The planets in the universe are connected to us in some or the other way. Their movement, position and behaviour all combine to affect the events in human life. Some behave in a positive way while some behave in a negative way. As the expert astrologer prepares your birth chart, he will tell you about the position of each planet in the birth chart. Looking at that he will suggest remedies that are effective and can also pacify the malefic planets.
Since each gemstone plays an active role in helping to improve relations between humans and planets, Onyx also has similar properties.
The stone is famously known to remove fear in people. In the yesteryears, the soldiers and warriors used to keep this stone with them to be fearless.
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Benefits of onyx gemstone

It helps to overcome conflicts in life which trouble you
It reduces sexual desires in the person if needed
It helps to make you meet your inner-self and work on it
It helps to remove fear from within and boosts confidence
It removes evil spell and spirits
It increases vigour, stamina to perform well in all fields and inculcates self-control
It helps to remove confusion and nightmares
It helps to treat bone marrow problems
It heals epilepsy and glaucoma
It enhances inner strength and takes away grief and emotional stress
It helps to make wise decisions
It spreads happiness in the life of the wearer and showers good fortune
It improves concentration and makes you more responsible
It sharpens the sense of hearing
It helps you to overcome hurtful past and toxic relations
It keeps away negative emotions from life
It also helps you change your habits
It helps attract money
The onyx gemstone is best advised for athletes to excel in their field.

How to wear onyx gemstone

Onyx gemstone is available in various colours. Depending on the one the astrologer suggests, you can decide which size, quality and colour you need to wear.
Day to wear: The Onyx gemstone should be worn as suggested by the astrologer
Finger: Little finger left hand or middle finger (depending on how you are advised)
What to do before wearing: It should be washed with holy water, fresh milk and enchanted with the mantra to attain the full benefit of wearing it 
Metal to be used: silver, white gold or yellow gold
Onyx gemstone is also the substitute for the emerald gemstone. Know which gemstone is best for you, to improve life and make better decisions with the help of expert astrologer at Astroyogi.

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