The Moonstone belongs to the feldspar –group. It is amongst the newly discovered semi-precious gemstones. It is widely known to provide soothing energy, bring calmness, peace and balance in life. The moonstone is governed by planet Moon and is the birthstone of zodiac Cancer. The gemstone can be found anywhere but the best quality is available in the US, Brazil, Australia and Sri Lanka.

The moonstone is available in many colours and types like- Cat eye, Grey, white, peach, rainbow and blue which is quite famous as an ornament.

Since the planet Moon in Vedic astrology depicts the traits, behaviour, emotions and personal needs of a person, it automatically makes moonstone important for people whose birth chart has planet moon in the malefic state. It helps to treat restlessness, insecurity, depression etc caused by the ill-effect of the Moon.

As humans, often we fail to realise the cause of unwanted discomfort, sadness, negativity and insecurity. It can occur suddenly due to any situation or even without any problem. It is at this time when one needs to realise that, astrology is the only way you can know about your inner feelings, sufferings and connect to them to work towards removing these hurdles from your life. To do so, you can consult an expert astrologer at Astroyogi who is well-versed in the subject and is just a call away. Providing all kinds of astrological assistance for two decades, Astroyogi has helped people, revamp life, get effective remedies to problems and live more cautiously.

Suggested by the Astroyogi astrologers, moonstone is an effective remedy to pacify malefic planet moon. It inculcates energy in the person and ignites the positive energy within the wearer. It is considered as the master healer for women.

Mainly it is the symbol of fertility. It also helps to retrieve self and wear off all the negativity that clouds the productivity of a person. It works towards enhancing the quality of Cancer zodiac who is loyal and attached to the family.

How to wear Moonstone

Day to wear: The moonstone gemstone should be worn on Monday evening

Finger: little finger of working hand

What to do before wearing: It should be washed with holy water, fresh milk and enchanted with the mantra to attain the full benefit of wearing it 

Metal to be used: Silver or Gold

Reach out to the best astrologers at Astroyogi, before wearing any gemstone. Make sure you get it energised by the astrologer before wearing, as it would enhance its astrological properties. If you do not get is energised then it would just be like any other normal stone worn as jewellery.

Benefits of Wearing Moonstone

  • It helps to regain inner balance
  • It helps in self- healing
  • It protects travellers from accidents, thefts or any other mishap
  • It is a good gift for lovers to enhance passion between them
  • It helps in spiritual growth
  • It also helps to reunite the lost lovers
  • It enhances self-sensitivity and the self-worth which the person has lost
  • It helps to pacify those who are helpless regarding weight loss
  • It helps those who have lost the rhythm of life, it pushes them to dust and get up
  • It treats insomnia
  • It helps in dreaming positively
  • It enhances the intuitive side
  • It drives away nightmares
  • It encourages sleep and also helps to treat sleepwalking
  • It makes you fearless and gives you the strength to overcome problems or face them
  • It helps to balance the hormones cycle
  • Since yesteryears, it is considered as a stone for good fortune
  • It opens the sacral chakras in the body to enhance the power of intuition
  • It opens new venture for growth in business for the wearer

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