Want to control your anger, get rid of mental stress and love yourself for who you are then Pearl gemstone is what you need! 

Pearl is one of the most loved gemstones amongst women. In-ring or necklace and even bracelet, it is available in many ways to wear and has been enhancing the beauty of women since ages. It also varies in shades and size depending upon its purity.

According to Vedic astrology, each gemstone is associated with a planet. Similarly, pearl gemstone is associated with planet moon. Planets have both good and bad effect on the birth chart of individuals according to their movement which affects their day to day life. In such a case these gemstones help to stabilise the ill-effect of planets on their lives and overcome mishaps.

In astrology, the zodiac signs are also ruled by planets and subsequently have astrological gemstones associated with them. The cancer sign is ruled by planet moon so pearl is the gemstone assigned to the zodiac.

Since the moon is the fastest moving planet amongst others, it affects the lives of people but in short intervals.

So in order, to reduce the effect of a debilitated moon or stabilise it, one needs to wear pearl. Pearl is made of calcium carbonate. They can be both natural and cultured. Most popular colour of pearls is white and cream.

It helps to strengthen the planet moon and develop good harmony. People who are in professions like cinema, drama, writing, drama, agriculture, painting etc. can benefit from wearing it.

How To Wear Pearl Gemstone?

The pearl gemstone is worn as jewellery by most people irrespective of cancer being their moon sign or not. To extract it astrological benefits one needs to consult an expert astrologer and get the stone energised concerning the purpose of wearing.

First, you need to talk to the astrologer, to know whether the planet moon is in the debilitated state or not in your birth chart. If yes then he will advise you the day, date and how to wear the stone.

Day to wear: The pearl stone should be worn on Monday.

Finger: Little finger of your right hand.

What to do before wearing: It should be washed with holy water, fresh milk and enchanted with the mantra to attain the full benefit of wearing it

Metal to be used: Silver

Remember you should always get the gemstone energised by an experienced astrologer before wearing it, otherwise, it is of no use and might affect you negatively.

So, consultation first!

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Astrological Benefits Of Pearl Gemstone

  • It helps to accentuate the power of a man. It helps in making the mind steady, enhance the love quotient and inject other good things.

  • It helps to overcome tensed mind, anxiety and depression.

  • People who are short-tempered and have temper issues, the gemstones helps to calm you down.

  • It helps to treat eye and throat related problems.

  • It increases memory and brainpower and can be worn with other gemstones to cure health issues.

  • It increases the confidence in ladies and enhances their beauty.

  • It helps to get stronger emotionally and reduces stress.

  • Cuts down the negative effect of the planet.

  • It helps you to explore your true identity and honour it.

  • Pearl helps to stabilise the emotional turmoil and anger raging within the person.

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