The Sunstone in astrology is considered as the stone of joy that spreads positive feeling and belongs to the feldspar family. Blessed with the best of Lords the Sun, it contains strong solar energy. This precious stone is capable to draw a lot of attention towards it. It contains sparkling inclusions distributed throughout the stone. It makes it or the more attractive as it outshines especially in the light of the Sun.

The Sunstone was not discovered with other precious stones during the medieval period. Since it was discovered much later people have very less information about it. Also known as the healing crystal, it is available in colours like yellow, orange, red and brown.

It is found in countries like Norway, Greece, Russia and India.It is known to provide mental clarity and helps to exhibit your abilities. It carries the power of sun rays and signifies independence and royalty just like Sun.

It might not be a famous stone, but it does play a significant role in astrology. The ruling planet of Sunstone is the Sun. It is the birthstone for Zodiac Sign Libra. There are many types of sunstone like -Norway Pink Sunstone, Oregan Sunstone, Sunstone Schiller, Green Sunstone, Cat’s Sunstone and others. Each stone has a unique significance and feature, in relation to planets and the birth chart. Even though these are less known stones, a lot of people are realising their magical and astrological influence and suggesting people wear then as ring or pendant.

To get a detailed blueprint of your life including past, present and future events astrology is the only medium.A few people know that events in life are both intentional and unintentional the occurrence of the latter is unknown to us and is completely dependent on the movement of planets.

The celestial bodies have a major impact on our lives, as they are energies just like the ones we are made of. The birth chart is divided into houses which depict the various aspects of our life. Each house is governed by the planets. Some planets have a benefic impact on the Kundli/Birth chart while some lay a negative impact. It is at this time expert astrologers of Astroyogi come to your rescue.

The astrologers will inform you about the planetary behaviour and accordingly suggest remedies and gemstones which will pacify the malefic planets. Ensure that you consult the best astrologer and accordingly seek remedies. Refrain from wearing any gemstone without the consultation of the astrologer, as it can reverse the effect and trouble you.

How To Wear Sunstone Gemstone

Day to wear: The Sunstone gemstone should be worn on.

Finger: Can be worn in both hands depending on what you desire. If you want to help others then you can wear it on the dominant hand but if you want to fulfil your desire then wear it on the receptive hand.

Benefits Of Wearing Sunstone

The stone signifies freedom and consciousness as it helps restore happiness in life

  • It enhances the leadership qualities.

  • It helps you explore a new way of thinking.

  • Makes you realise your responsibility.

  • It helps to overcome depression and acts as an anti-depressant.

  • One can use it as a manifestation stone.

  • It helps to cure muscle problems and chronic throat problem.

  • It helps to treat heart problems.

  • It helps to control cholesterol and obesity.

  • It helps in weight loss as it increases your metabolism.

  • It helps to align your chakras.

  • It enhances creativity and helps to attain promotion.

  • It protects people who are sensitive.

  • It keeps away negativity from the wearer.

  • It increases self-worth and confidence.

  • It uplifts mood and makes the person active.

  • It saves you from people who drain your energy.

  • It helps to improve love relations.

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