To get rid of all the evil, and negativity from life, safeguard yourself from perils to flourish, the turquoise gemstone is what you need.  
The turquoise gemstone was originally found in turkey. It is the same place from where it got its name as it was called Turkish stone which turned to turquoise stone. It is considered as the symbol of wealth and has lately been in great demand as jewellery and for its astrological benefits. It helps to align the chakras and especially worn to protect the wearer from injuries, violence, accidents and also saves from infidelity.
It specialises in absorbing all the negative energies and evil vibrations surrounding the wearer. There are many shades of the stone available to consult an expert astrologer regarding the size you are supposed to wear and what colour type. The stone is not very hard but is brittle. It is said that once it is worn, it changes colour according to the negativity surrounding the person and fades out completely if the wearer is on the verge to die.
In astrology, each planet is associated with a gemstone and zodiac sign. Turquoise is a lucky stone for the planet Jupiter. It is also a substitute for ‘Yellow Sapphire gemstone’. It is the zodiac stone for Sagittarius. It is the birthstone for December born people. Wearing this stone makes the person wiser and understanding towards self and others.
To reduce the ill-effect of planet Jupiter or any other planet in your birth chart expert astrologer’s advice to wear a turquoise gemstone. It gives clarity in life and as such does not have any side effects. People belonging to professions like acting, writing, painting, financial and fame related professions can benefit a lot from it and get more clarity in communication with compassion.

Benefits of wearing turquoise gemstone

It inculcates deep understanding amongst partners
It removes all kinds of negative and evil energy
It boosts the spiritual state of the person and infuses self-love and understanding
It helps to overcome problems like depression, high BP, alcoholism, infection etc
It treats panic attacks, frequent tiredness and mental stress
It helps to enhance the status and recognition in society
It Increases your physical strength and boosts immunity
It keeps off misfortune and bad luck
It improves the creative side of the person

How to wear turquoise gemstone?

Since each gemstone is assigned to a planet, similarly according to Vedic astrology, each day is associated with each planet as being favourable days to please specific planets. This is the reason that one needs to know the right day to wear the ring after consulting the best astrologer at Astroyogi. Here the astrologer will study your birth chart and accordingly tell you which planet is weak and guide you regarding the gemstone you should wear.
He will energise the ring or locket before you wear so that it works in your favour astrologically. So, without consulting the astrologer do not attempt to wear any stone on your own as it would not work in your favour.
Day to wear: The Turquoise gemstone should be worn on Friday
Finger: should be worn on the ring finger
What to do before wearing: It should be washed with holy water, fresh milk and enchanted with the mantra to attain the full benefit of wearing it 
Metal to be used: It can be worn in gold, copper and preferably in silver.

Consult the best astrologer at Astroyogi and get remedies for all your problems.
Get rid of bad luck and evil energy surrounding you!


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