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Benefits of wearing Diamond gemstone

It enhances name, fame and artistic quality in the person

It keeps off evil spells and people from wandering around

It blesses the wearer with comfort and peace

It enhances sexual power

It helps to treat problems like diabetes, urine and skin disease

It assures the wearer luxury, romance and partnership

It helps to take timely decisions and not delay

It helps the wearer enjoy a good social status

It brings success in married life

It brings love and clarity between lovers  

It increases the source of wealth

It helps the wearer attain spiritual evolution

How to wear diamond gemstone

Wearing a diamond as an ornament is different from wearing it as an astrological gemstone. The gemstone needs to be energised by an expert astrologer before wearing it to maximise its effect.

Remember the stone should not have black spots as it would not be of any use.

Day to wear: The diamond gemstone should be worn on Friday early morning 

Finger: last or middle finger 

What to do before wearing: It should be dipped in fresh milk, honey and pure water for 20 to 30 min. Then burn incense sticks and seek the blessing of Shukra Deva. Chant the mantra told by the astrologer to attain the full benefit of wearing it 

Metal to be used: silver or gold


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