Opal is a semi-precious gemstone and is also called the ‘Queen of Gems’. The stone can be transparent, translucent or opaque depending on the one advised to you. It is mainly found in Australia, but is now easily available in others parts of the world too. Apart from becoming a famous jewellery in the world of fashion, it has powerful astrological properties. In astrology it is associated with planet Venus and zodiac Libra. It treats weak planet Venus in the birth chart. It is the substitute of diamond and is known to bestow fulfilment and power in life. People who are born in October, if you wear the stone then it ignites in you love and affection also promises a luxurious life. 
The universe is run by energy and vibration that connects with the soul within us. It means the celestial bodies like planets, stars etc. impact our lives. According to the Vedic astrology, each person has a unique birth chart which is governed by the movement and position of these planets in each aspect of life. The transit makes them sometimes favourable and unfavourable which affect the various events in a person’s life. 
You may understand the cause of a few but not all. It is all because of the astrological effect. We are not born perfect but we can seek help to live life in a better way. With the help of Astrology one can connect to their inner self and alter things, habits and behaviour to make life better. We cannot escape from the bad times in life but we can reduce their effect. So, astrology helps to do so.
With the help of an expert astrologer, you can get your birth chart made and know about the position of planets. Accordingly, the astrologer will predict, and suggest the best remedies. Consult expert astrologers at Astroyogi, who are experienced and specialise in all kinds of astrological fields. 
Opal stone signifies beauty, power and financial prosperity. It improves the intuition of the person and spreads positivity in sectors like wealth, family, child and fame.

Benefits of wearing Opal gemstone

It helps to treat medical disorders like stomach and eye
It helps to find love, good luck, happiness, positivity
It enhances creativity, passion and strength
It provides stability in troubled marriage
It improves the functioning of kidneys
It showers good fortune
It provides charm, beauty and financial growth
It helps you to get out of legal matters
It protects you from going towards dangerous places
It removes confusion and fickle- mindedness
It helps you to open up and see things differently
It heals spine and blood related problems
It connects you to positive earth’s energy to benefit from it
It strengthens the will to life especially in people suffering from Parkinson’s

How to wear Opal gemstone

On the advice of the astrologer, you will know what size and colour of stone you are supposed to wear. 
Day to wear: The Opal stone should be worn on Friday morning 12 PM
Finger: Index finger of the working hand
What to do before wearing: You have to keep it immersed in a bowl with 1 spoon of Curd, Honey, Gangajal, Tulsi leaves and Ghee for 10 minutes. “AUM SHUKRAYE NAMAH” is the mantra you have to recite. 
Metal to be used: silver, platinum, gold
The opal gemstone enhances your social status and is best for those who are in the creative filed like fashion, acting, jewellery etc. It gives you strength to cope with the tough times in life and make life better.

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