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Experts believe that the meaning of mantras are not as important or as powerful as its intonation. One of the main reasons is that these mantras have originated, not by one learned person, but by years of practice of many sages. The base mantras are very difficult to understand by ordinary people. An ordinary person finds these mantras meaningless but it is believed that the mantras have an internal power that can be used to stimulate one’s own spirituality or can be used to stimulate deities.
The letters of the mantras can be used to develop one’s spiritual power. The literal meaning of the mantras is in its sound that works as a salvation of the mind ie, for mental well-being. It is quoted in the scriptures,” ‘Manah Taaryati Itee Mantraha’ which means that the sound that will give salvation, is the mantra itself.
It is believed that there is a lot of spiritual powers in man’s subconscious which can be ignited with the use of mantras. However, it is not enough to just chant mantras but it is also necessary to have a strong will power and an ethical conduct. If you want to chant mantras, certain rules of purification have to be followed, which is possible only under the guidance of a guru.
Often people chant mantras or get someone to chant for them and they do not care for the meaning of the mantras. But, it is to be kept in mind that every letter and character in the mantras represents some Gods or Goddesses. However there is very little information available on this topic. But we have still made some efforts to understand the meaning of these mantras. We do get meaning of popular mantras like the Gayatri mantra and the Mritunjay mantra, but don’t find meanings of other mantras.
In this section of astrology, you will get information about many popular mantras.

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