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Om Mantra

Om mantra refers to the primordial sound of “Aum” that is said to be born with the universe. The origins of this sound can be found in Hinduism as well as Buddhism and it is often used for meditational practices combined with yogic postures. 

It is believed that the word “Om” creates a vibration that connects us to the cosmic energies of the universe. The sound fills our body with divine energy and makes us calm, composed and at ease with our soul. It also uplifts our physical, mental and spiritual state of existence. 

Chanting Om Mantra

Chanting the word “Om” makes us aware of the inner consciousness that rules over our body, mind and soul. This eternal sound helps us attain peace and makes us one with the universe and the source of all creation. 

There are two ways of chanting Om - one is to chant it loudly and let the sound reverberate through your vocal cords and reach the crown of your head that leads you to a state of tranquility. The second method is to chant the Om mantra silently and delve deep into a meditational state that journeys through your past, present and future. 


How to chant Om Mantra

You must chant Om mantra during the early morning or evening hours as sunrise and sunset are considered to be ideal times for indulging into meditational practices. It is advised that you start the chanting at the time when your mind is relaxed and your body is in a healthy state. You must not chant this mantra immediately after a meal. 

It is believed that this universal sound cannot be replicated in the exact manner and therefore, there is no perfect way of chanting Om. You may chant it in your own way but there are certain things that you must take care of. 

First of all, never be in a hurry while chanting the Om mantra because it has nothing to do with the numbers. You must feel the vibrations of this mantra and that can be done only when your mind and body are in a state of relaxation. 

A clear mind makes the mantra chanting more effective. So ensure that you clear the clutter of your mind and remove the negative thoughts before starting the chanting. A rhythmic way of chanting is said to be the most effective one as it unites the body with the soul and makes you more aware of your breathing. 

Maintaining a silence between chants is also very important because that is the time that helps you clean your aura and brings you closer to the divine cosmic power and helps you attain a sense of belongingness with it. This blissful state provides you the courage to deal with your trouble and makes you feel happy and content with your life. 

Om Mantra in English - “AUM”

Om Mantra in Sanskrit -  “ॐ”

Meaning of Om Mantra
The Om Mantra is made up of 3 syllables - A-U-M. It is said that this is the earliest sound that came into existence with the creation of the entire universe. It is also believed that when one is close to nature, then they might hear this sound in the quietness of nature.

The word “Om” is often associated with the creation, destruction and preservation of anything that exists in the universe. The chanting of this sound produces cosmic vibrations that lead to inner healing and enhances the spiritual growth of a person. It refers to the ultimate sound that overcame the barriers of past, present and future and became an omnipresent mantra that transforms the body, mind and soul of a person who chants it with complete faith and devotion.

Benefit of Om Mantra

The universal Om Mantra proves to be very beneficial for every living being. There are numerous benefits of chanting this mantra that are discussed below:

By loudly chanting Om Mantra, you can purify your surroundings and create a sphere of positivity around you. Thus, anyone who comes into your contact will get benefited by the positive vibes that you produce. 

It cleans your aura and makes you feel relaxed and thus, rejuvenates your mind and body.

Om chanting enhances your concentration skills and provides you better immunity as well.

It leads to inner healing through the vibrations produced while chanting. It is said that these vibrations clear up blocked air passages and helps in getting rid of sinuses. 

Om chanting is also believed to reduce your blood pressure and strengthen your vocal chords. It also enhances the functioning of your thyroid gland and makes your spinal cord better. 

The positive energy produced by chanting this mantra also gives an inner glow to your skin that is reflected upon your face and body. Regular chanting may also improve your vision. 

It clears the clutter of your mind and helps you lead a happy and blissful life. 

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