Kamala Mata Mantra

Kamala Mata Mantra is recited by thousands of devotees to please the Maa Kamala - the Mahavidya form of Goddess Lakshmi. She is the wisdom goddess who stands as a symbol of purity,prosperity, fertility, and celibacy.
She is considered to be a manifestation of the divine energy of Lord Vishnu. Although she appears similar to Goddess Lakshmi, she is the last Dasha Mahavidya Goddess who is depicted as the ‘sadhana’ that Lord Vishnu undertakes while doing his divine tasks.

Also known as Shodashi and Bhargavi, Maa Kamala is a Goddess of fame and fortune who bestows wealth and success upon her followers. She is said to possess the power to create aesthetic beauty and material riches in order to eliminate poverty and develop meaningful sustenance of mankind. 

Chanting Kamla Mata Mantra

Chanting the Kamla Mata Mantra with utmost faith and unmatchable devotion can fulfill all your desires and help you gain material wealth. She bestows her blessings upon all her devotees and eradicates the odds of poverty, loss of money, debt, etc. from their lives.

Meditating upon Maa Kamla also leads to your spiritual enhancement. She brings eternal happiness and worldly pleasures for all her worshippers. By reciting the mantra on a regular basis, you receive the guidance of Maa Kamla to improve your financial status and liberate your mind from the negativity that surrounds you.

How to Chant Kamla Mata Mantra

There is a certain protocol that can be followed to appease Maa Kamla. First of all, you must bathe and cleanse yourself before starting the mantra chanting. It is advised to start chanting the Kamla Mata Mantra during the festival of Navratri or any Friday.

Wearing red clothes may prove beneficial for you as it is the favorite color of Maa Kamla. Also, creating an altar for the Goddess is extremely important before reciting the mantra. You can place a wooden table and cover it with a white, yellow or red cloth and then put an idol or image of Goddess Kamla over it.

Maa Kamla represents nature and therefore, offerings of flowers appease her. Mostly, lotus flowers are offered to her along with incense sticks and an oil lamp. Alight the oil lamp and meditate upon the visual form of the goddess and then begin the chanting of the Kamla Mata Mantra.

Kamla Mata Mantra in English

“Om Namah Kamlavasinyai Svaha”

Kamla Mata Mantra in Sanskrit
“ऊँ नम: कमलवासिन्यै स्वाहा ।।”

Meaning of Kamla Mata Mantra

This mantra praises Maa Kamla as the one who nourishes a person and grants all their wishes. It literally translates as - “ I bow down to the one whose throne is the lotus, to remove the evils that surround me and bestow upon me prosperity and spiritual enhancement.”

Benefit of Kamla Mata Mantra

It is believed that chanting Kamla Mata Mantra on a regular basis can help one get fame, success and financial stability. Apart from this, there are many other benefits associated with the chanting of this mantra, as mentioned below:

Reciting this mantra on a regular basis protects the reciter from misfortunes and business failures.

Maa Kamla is a Goddess who creates and therefore, it is believed that chanting this mantra helps in conceiving a child and thus, all the childless couples are advised to chant it with utmost devotion.

According to astrology, chanting the Kamla Mata Mantra can help in reducing the negative impact of the mahadasha of the planet Venus.

You can get rid of poverty by reciting this mantra daily and also have monetary gains.

It restores the health of the chanter and protects them from harmful diseases as well.

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