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Kuber Mantra

Lord Kuber is the god of wealth and fortune who is often said to be the one who protects the world. He is also considered to be the King of the Yakshas. He owns the numerous treasures embedded in the core of the universe and blesses all his followers with prosperity and opulence.

It is mentioned in the epic of Ramayana, that Kuber once owned the beautiful kingdom of Lanka but was later overthrown by Ravana, his demon stepbrother. Lanka is depicted to be made of pure gold and its magnificence is beautifully described in the text.

He then settled in the city of Alaka in the Himalayas and the splendors of that city are also said to be praiseworthy. Lord Kuber also finds a mention in the cient Buddhist and Jain texts as Vaisravana and Sarvanubhuti respectively.

As per the legend, people made fun of Lord Kuber due to his obesity and misshapen body. The very word ‘Kuber’ refers to something that is deformed. This is when Kuber prayed to Lord Shiva and he made him the god of wealth and abundance and thus, helped him earn the admiration of everyone.

Chanting Kuber Mantra

Chanting Kuber Mantra is said to be very beneficial when you are suffering with a difficult financial situation. It can bring positivity in your life and bless you with all the luck that you need to improve your financial condition.

Kuber Mantra is an extremely powerful mantra that can bring you the desired fruits only if you chant it with complete faith. You must put in all the efforts to please Lord Kuber by regularly chanting this mantra.

It is very important that you do not develop arrogance regarding your riches as this will invite the wrath of Lord Kuber and will have a very negative impact on your finances. It is best to chant Kuber mantra only when you genuinely need money and not out of greed.

How to Chant Kuber Mantra

The early morning hours are considered the most apt time to chant the Kuber mantra. First and foremost, you must take a bath and then sit in front of an idol or picture of Lord Kuber. You may also place a lotus flower in front of the idol before reciting the mantra. It is essential to chant the mantra with utmost dedication and immense faith in the god of treasures.

Believing in the mantra and chanting it with the right intentions is very important to please Lord Kuber. Before reciting it, you must understand its meaning so as to maximize its effect and get rid of any monetary issue that you are facing in life.

You may chant the Kuber mantra using a rosary of 108 beads and continue this practice for a cycle of 21 days as this would help you gain the blessings of Lord Kuber. Sincere devotion and unending fervor to Lord Kuber will not only give you the materialistic pleasures of the world but also help you attain peace in life.

Kubera Mantra in English

“Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya Dhanadhanyadhipataye

Dhanadhanyasamriddhim Me Dehi Dapaya Svaha॥”

Kubera Mantra in Sanskrit

“ॐ यक्षाय कुबेराय वैश्रवणाय धनधान्याधिपतये

धनधान्यसमृद्धिं मे देहि दापय स्वाहा॥”

Meaning of Kuber Mantra

This mantra is said to bring prosperity and good fortune to you by reciting it regularly. It also enhances your self-esteem and helps you gain a prestigious position in society. The literal meaning of Kuber Mantra is: “I meditate upon the king of the Yakshas and the son of Vishrava (glory and honor), Lord Kuber, who owns all the riches of the world, to bless me with wealth and success in life.”

Benefit of Kuber Mantra

Chanting the Kuber mantra brings peace, prosperity, and affluence and helps you in accomplishing all your goals. It is often said that Lord Kuber’s blessings never let arrogance overrule your mind even if you hold all the wealth of the world. 

Despite being rich, the family members live in peace and harmony with each other. Being humble and down to earth even after holding a good amount of money is what makes you a pure-hearted human being and a beloved devotee of Lord Kuber. 

There are some other benefits of Kuber Mantra as well that are mentioned below:

Regular chanting of Kuber Mantra helps you get rid of your money problems and keeps you out of harm’s way. 

It can transform your nature and enrich your thoughts as well as your bank balance. 

Kuber Mantra can also help you get rid of all your debts within no time.

It helps you develop as an individual and this growth leads you to earn more money. 

It sharpens the judgemental skills of a person and blesses you with wisdom to invest properly in order to gain profits and avoid loss. 

It also illuminates the intellect of your future generations and makes them wise enough to take care of your hard-earned money.

Other Important Kuber Mantras

Kubera Dhana Prapti Mantra

By chanting this mantra you will gain monetary profits and will not suffer any financial losses. It works upon the law of attraction. You must use your creative faculties and imagine that you are going to gain all the money that you need and Lord Kuber will ensure that you get it.

In English - “Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteshvaraya Namah॥”

In Sanskrit - “ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं क्लीं वित्तेश्वराय नमः॥”

Meaning - The mantra literally translates as “I bow down to Lord Kuber and invoke him to bless me with fame and wealth and destroy all the problems of my life.”

Laxmi Kuber Mantra

Every person who recites this mantra with immense faith receives the blessings of both Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi. Often recited on the occasion of Dhanteras, this mantra brings glory, success, and affluence to the one who chants it with complete devotion.

In English - “Om Hreem Shreem Kreem Shreem Kuberaya Ashta-Lakshmi

Mama Grihe Dhanam Puraya Puraya Namah॥”

In Sanskrit - “ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्रीं श्रीं कुबेराय अष्ट-लक्ष्मी मम गृहे धनं पुरय पुरय नमः॥”

Meaning - “I pray to Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi to confer upon me all the riches and happiness of the world.”

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