Kaali Mantra

Kaali Mantra is chanted to appease the Goddess of destruction - Maa Kaali. She is the divine entity that is said to be the one who preserves the good in the universe and destroys all that is evil. Her destructive powers and ferocious demeanor has earned her the title of the “Dark Mother”.

The term “Kaali” has originated from the Sanskrit word “Kaal” that refers to “time”. This means that she is a timeless deity who depicts the power of creation, destruction and preservation. Her name is also considered to be derived from an attribute of her personality - her dark skin - that represents that everything evil will be ultimately devoured by her.

Goddess Kaali is said to be the first of the 10 Mahavidyas that are considered to be the manifestations of the ultimate truth in a bodily form. She is the fiercest form of Shakti and is therefore known by many different names that represent her power - Rurani, Mahakali, Dakshinakali, and Bhadrakali.

Chanting Kaali Mantra

Maa Kaali is said to be the one who destroys evil in all its forms - be it a person who performs evil acts or the negative ego that handicaps the thinking ability of a person. Therefore, by chanting Kaali Mantra, one can get rid of the evil thoughts that enter their mind and attain spiritual liberation with  the blessings of Maa Kaali.

It is said that reciting this mantra can lead to the ignition of Kundalini Shakti (enhancing the spiritual current), Kriya Shakti (upgrading the creative faculties) and Iccha Shakti (boosting the will power and building up confidence) - the three powerful tools that Maa Kaali bestows upon her faithful devotees.

Regularly chanting Kaali mantra can help you eliminate evil from your life and attain peace. Every devotee who chants the mantra with a pure heart and immense devotion is blessed by Goddess Kaali and all their troubles come to an end.

How to Chant Kaali Mantra

Goddess Kaali is a deity with a dark color and therefore, darkness appeals to her more than light. Although Kaali Mantra can be chanted during morning, the dark hours of the night are more feasible to recite this mantra and please her.

You must start chanting the Kaali Mantra on a new moon day (Amavasya). Red is the color that appeases the Goddess and therefore, you must wear red clothes and sit on a red woollen mat before reciting the mantras. Also, it is very important to place the idol of the Goddess on a wooden seat covered with a red cloth.

After offering red flowers, fruits and sweets to Maa Kali, you can take up the position to start the mantra chanting. Always face the East or North direction and use a rudraksha or sphatik rosary for reciting the mantra. 

As soon as you begin the recital, you will feel a certain vibration filling your being with strength and confidence. This will help you in dealing with the difficulties that you are facing and help you make the correct decisions in life.

It is advised that you chant the Kaali mantra for 40 days to gain all its benefits. You must not eat non-vegetarian food during this time and also avoid eating onion and garlic as well. It is advised that you practice celibacy during this period and avoid indulging in pleasurable activities.

Kaali Mantra in English

“Om Sri Maha Kalikayai Namah”

Kaali Mantra in Sanskrit
“ॐ श्री महा कलिकायै नमः”

Meaning of Kaali Mantra
This mantra is chanted to honor Goddess Kaali. It literally translates as “ I meditate upon the divine presence of the Great Maa Kaali, the source of all primal energy, to bestow upon me peace and liberation.”

Benefit of Kaali Mantra

According to the Vedic scriptures, the regular chanting of Kaali Mantra can help in getting rid of fear and anxiety. It wards off the evil effects that can harm you in some way or the other. There are many other benefits of Kaali Mantra as discussed below:

Reciting this mantra awakens the inner consciousness of a person and enhances their spirituality.

It calms your senses and helps you attain mental peace.

The mantra is extremely powerful and therefore holds the ability to protect you from hexes.

It helps you maintain cordial and harmonious relations with your family and friends.

Maa Kaali brings an end to all your sufferings and helps you get rid of any hidden enemies that can harm you.

Also, chanting Kaali Mantra on a daily basis can save you from accidents and diseases and bestow upon you health, wealth and happiness.

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