Saraswati Mantra

The Saraswati Mantra is a dedication to the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. It is said that Goddess Saraswati is the creation of Lord Brahma and stands as the personification of all the knowledge that he possesses. 


The Goddess is known by many different names such as Mahabhadra, Padmaaksh, Varaprada, Divyanga and so on. She is believed to bring order through her wisdom in the chaotic world created by Lord Brahma. 


Knowledge is the domain that is ruled by Goddess Saraswati. Musicians, academicians, scientists, and artists - all worship her faithfully and seek her blessings to enhance their intellectual and artistic abilities. 


The Vedas are said to have originated through Goddess Saraswati and therefore, any Vedic lesson starts and ends with the Saraswati Vandana - the chants that praise the Goddess of speech and consciousness. 


Chanting Saraswati Mantra


Saraswati Mantra is chanted to invoke the goddess who gave language to the expressions of mankind. She is said to be the goddess whose blessings can refine your soft skills and add to your knowledge in every possible manner.


Chanting Saraswati Mantra can help you illuminate your mind and gain wisdom that can amplify your academic as well as spiritual knowledge. It invokes the Goddess who represents purity, truth, knowledge, and creativity.


It is said that by chanting the Saraswati mantra, you can get rid of any speech problems that can hinder your growth and development. It also boosts your confidence and helps you develop strong communication skills.


How to Chant Saraswati Mantra 


There is a certain protocol that must be followed while chanting the Saraswati Mantra. The most essential thing is to take a bath before starting the mantra chanting. Since white is the color that is worn by the Goddess, it is preferred to wear white or yellow clothes as a sign of pure faith and complete devotion to the goddess. 


You must sit in the North or East direction in front of an idol or image of Goddess Saraswati and then begin chanting the Saraswati Mantra. Placing the idol on a white cloth and putting white flowers in front of the Goddess appeases her greatly. 


It is very important to feel the vibes produced by the chanting as it may create a sphere of positive energies around you. It is advised that you use a sphatik or rudraksha rosary and chant the mantra for 48 days continuously in order to get all its benefits. 


Saraswati Mantra in English


Saraswathi Namasthubhyam, Varadey Kaamarupinee


Vidhyarambham Karishyami, Sidhir bhavathu mey sada”


Saraswati Mantra in Sanskrit 


सरस्वति नमस्तुभ्यं वरदे कामरूपिणि ।

विद्यारम्भं करिष्यामि सिद्धिर्भवतु मे सदा ”



Meaning of Saraswati Mantra



The Saraswati Mantra is chanted to enhance the focus, concentration and memorizing powers of the reciter. It literally translates as - “I bow down to Goddess Saraswati, the one who grants wishes and fulfills desires, to enhance the concentrating power and the retention capacity of my mind. O Goddess, please bestow upon me the skills of understanding things clearly right from the beginning of my studies.”


Benefit of Saraswati Mantra


Chanting the Saraswati Mantra can prove to be highly beneficial as it sharpens your memory and develops your focus while studying. It can also enhance your speaking skills and make you more intelligent. By reciting this mantra, you will feel the free flow of wisdom coming to you as it will eliminate the risk of confusion and make learning easy for you.


The other benefits of Saraswati Mantra are discussed below:


Proper recitals of Saraswati Mantra can help students to pass their examinations with flying colors as it enhances their memorizing powers and improves their concentration.


It also helps in developing the communicative skills that can help those aspiring for a job or higher studies to crack their interviews or entrance exams respectively. 


By regularly chanting this mantra, one can boost up their creativity and thus, it will prove highly beneficial for poets, artists, and musicians to advance in their careers. 


You can also recite this mantra for those who are suffering from speech impairments, as this would lead to an improvement in the speaking abilities of the concerned person. 


Chanting the Saraswati mantra daily can increase your knowledge and help you grow professionally. In the long run, this may lead to a promotion that would help you in building up your finances as well.


Other important Saraswati Mantras


Saraswati Mantra for glory


In Sanskrit - “सरस्वति महाभागे विद्ये कमललोचने । 


विद्यारूपे विशालाक्षि विद्यां देहि नमोस्तुते ॥”


In English -  “Saraswati Mahabhage Vidye Kamalalochane, 


Vishwaroope Vishaalaakshi Vidyam dehi namosthuthe”


Meaning - “I pray to Goddess Saraswati, the most glorious one with lotus-eyes, the divine manifestation of knowledge, to bless me with wisdom and intelligence and bestow upon me the glories of the entire world.


Saraswati Beej Mantra


In Sanskrit - “ॐ ऐं महासरस्वत्यै नमः ||


In English - “Om Aim Mahasaraswatyai Namah |


Meaning -I meditate upon the great Goddess Saraswati, to bless me with wisdom and creativity.


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