Color Therapy

Have you ever wondered how the world would have been, if there were no colors in it? Can you imagine this world without colors? The beauty that colors add to our lives cannot be expressed in mere words. The attractive colors make our world beautiful and without them our life would definitely become very dull.

But these colors are not just something that are solely there to give us aesthetic pleasures. Colors play a more important role in our life as they can also be used to make us more healthy and hopeful in life

Remember, that you don’t just see colors, you feel them and this is why these colors can make the outside world beautiful for our eyes and can heal our bodies from the inside by the use of color therapy.

What Exactly Is Color Therapy?

Did you know that the human eye is capable of seeing around 7 million colors? While some colors are considered to be irritants, many are said to be stimulants and there are many other colors that are known to have a deep and lasting effect on your mind.

Color therapy is an amazing technique that uses the powers of different colors to soothe your mind and energize your body. These colors can even alter your attitude and enhance your emotions in such a way that you react differently towards the various situations of your life.

This therapy is also known as chromotherapy and the different frequencies of the colors are used to deal with the problems that you face on a physical or mental level. The wavelength of these colors are taken into account while implementing the color therapy on various individuals.

How Does Color Therapy Work?

Imagine how you would feel when you enter a beautiful garden with different-colored flowers surrounding you from all sides. This sight will definitely promote your health and make you feel happy and peaceful.

Color therapy works on a similar principle. We all have certain chemicals that are released into our mind to control the pain and anxiety that we feel. By inducing color therapy, these chemicals are increased and in this way we get relieved from pain and stress.

Also, this therapy helps you organize your thoughts by exposing you to certain colors that work wonders on your health. The whole procedure aims at soothing your mind and senses so that you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

In color therapy, what basically is done is that you are exposed to a color with a certain frequency that tends to release the tension from your mind. This therapy restores your psychological and physiological balance and helps you get on with life in a better way.

How Old is Color Therapy?

It is believed that color therapy is as old as ancient Egypt. The Egyptians had a notion that light has tremendous powers and therefore, they used colored lights to heal their people and restore their health.

Modern scientists have argued that colors are not specifically related to health but rather with the mood of an individual. Also, one color is not particularly related to a certain mood and therefore, the effects of color on individuals cannot be comprehended so easily.

Although color therapy is not accepted by the Western medicine due to lack of scientific evidence, it is still used as an alternative by many people across the world who believe in the healing powers of the colors. Researchers are still working on color therapy and may soon land up to a favourable conclusion to establish the authenticity of color therapy.

Why Should You Choose Color Therapy?

If you truly believe in the power of colors, only then you must go ahead with color therapy. You must keep in mind certain things before deciding if this therapy will work for you or not. If you do have faith in colors and can feel its impact on your mind and soul, then this therapy will surely work for you.

First of all, you need to understand that color therapy has not been proven yet. It is not acceptable for the scientific community due to the oversimplification of such a complex process. But if you feel that colors can influence your body and mind and are a good medium through which you can resolve your issues then you must definitely go ahead with this therapy.

Benefits of Color Therapy

Color therapy is considered to be a unique technique that uses colors and lights to make you experience solace and tranquility. There are various benefits of color therapy that has been observed over time:

  • Color therapy is a very safe procedure without any side effects and therefore, it can be used for children as well as adults.
  • works at relaxing the mind and energizing the body in such a manner that you get rid of any physical or mental illness.
  • It makes you more positive in life and helps you get over things in a better way.
  • It helps in clearing off any emotional blockages for the free flow of energy in your body.
  • It transforms you as an individual and guides you to the path of enlightenment.

Color therapy makes you more aware of your own self - your capabilities, responsibilities and the potential that you carry. It affects your mind and body in so many ways that you will ultimately feel healthy and peaceful after trying this therapy. It aims at enhancing your overall development and ensures that you feel at ease with yourself and also with the world around you.

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