The Color Purple

The Color Purple

ste of brinjals but the purple color that they exhibit do catch your attention. 
Do you know why purple seems to be such a luring color? Why does it seem to be so appealing? To get the answer to these questions you will have to read this article till the end and then you will know the significance of the purple color. 

What does the purple color represent?

Purple is a color that is associated with the searching of the soul, looking deep down into your heart and enhancing your spirituality. It triggers your creative faculties and boosts up your imagination powers. 
It is a mixture of the red and blue color and is found to be similar to violet though the two colors cannot be said to be exactly the same. This is because the violet color has a wavelength that makes it a part of the visible spectrum of rainbow. 
Violet cannot match the intensity of purple but their essence is quite the same because both hold the passion of red and the wholeness of blue. This union is a powerful one that has the power to raise the spiritual level of your consciousness. 
Purple color is a favorite with the philosophers as it connects you to the divine consciousness ruling over the entire universe and transforms your being for the better. It speaks of the fancy of your dreams and inspires the future of your soul. 
Whenever you feel a need to escape from the harsh realities of life this color comes to your rescue and transports you to a fantasy world where you can live your dreams with the help of imagination of your mind. 
Both violet and purple are harbingers of peace as they make your mind stable and balance out your emotional and thoughtful aspects. These colors are strong supporters of meditation and aim at providing you the peace of mind. 
If purple or violet is your favorite color, then you are likely to take up creative activities that will make you stand out of the crowd. It will depict your individuality and freedom and you might like doing things like writing, reciting poetry, painting, playing music, or understanding the psyche of the human mind. 
Violet is a color that holds a humanistic approach to help others while purple is a color that depicts power, abundance and royalty. It is simply like an aspiring leader who demands respect for its qualitative nature. 
But this color will also make you sensitive and susceptible to your surroundings. If you use this color in excess then it may deprive you of your mental well-being and result in depression and dejection. Therefore, it must be used very carefully. 

The Positive and Negative traits of Purple Color

Every color has two sides - the positive and negative - that define its nature in the complete sense. Here are these traits of the purple color:
The Bright Side: unique, independent, individualistic, mysterious, imaginative, balancing, humanistic and psychic. 
The Gloomy Side: pompous, highly sensitive, unrealistic, irrational, immature, deceptive and lacking faith in others.

Various Effects of Purple Color

Purple is a color that plays a very significant role in your life. From inspiring your humanity to boosting your creative potential, this color gives a true meaning to your life. Therefore, it is fruitful to know about some of the effects it can have on your life:

  1. It makes you a kind person at heart who never judges people and helps them in every possible way.
  2. It provides you the confidence to live life on your own terms and in the manner that you consider to be good.
  3. The purple color makes you escape into a dream world to make you forget your worries but you must make sure that you do come back into the real world within time.
  4. It nurtures your imagination and makes you different from others and motivates you to step out of the crowd. 

Excessive use of this color can hamper your dignity and also turn you into a cynical being who no longer has faith in other people. Thus, you must ensure that you use this color in a limited manner and enjoy only its benefits. 

Different Shades of Purple Color

Purple color has many variations and some of them are discussed below:

  1. Plum - When you add more red color to blue, you get a reddish tinge of purple known as plum color. It preaches you about the old-age traditions that may or may not apply in the modern world. 
  2. Mauve - It is a color associated with justice and inspires you to make the right decisions at the right time.
  3. Lavender - A light purplish color that can make you frangible and sensitive. 
  4. Lilac - A beautiful color with a pinkish tinge to it that depicts youthfulness and glamour at its best. 

The various shades of purple are not just limited to the colors that are mentioned above.There is more to it that adds to the grandeur of this color. It is a color that can help you attain the ultimate level of spirituality only if you know how to use it in a proper manner. 

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