The Color Green

The Color Green

Do you find solace in the lapse of nature? Why is it that you feel that all your worries will come to an end when you are in the bliss of nature? Do you never think that the green color of nature might be responsible for giving you peace and calm? To know the answer you really need to read this article till the end.

he green color of the natural surroundings are said to soothe your senses and put a balm on your struggling soul. The chaos of the world and the pressures that life puts on you are all balanced out with the rich greenery of nature that provides you a peaceful and harmonious life. 

What does the green color represent?

Green is the color that represents nature, growth and nourishment. It is the color of Mother Earth. It denotes the spring season and stands for rebirth and renewal of the plants and trees. This is the reason that it gives a sense of calmness and refreshes our mind with its powerful presence around us. 
The modern world is filled with stress and tension as the advancement of this age has led to a massive deforestation that is reducing the green color of the earth. This color restores balance in the environment and is also responsible for creating an equilibrium between your body and mind. 
The green color nourishes your soul and renews the energy that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. It balances your emotions and enables you to love those around you honestly and unconditionally. It is a very positive color that calms your mind and makes you feel happier than ever. 
Green color is made by combining the optimistic yellow color with the generous blue color and therefore, exhibits the properties of both these colors. It provides you the clarity of the mind and kindness of the spirit and inspires you to live life with zest and enthusiasm. 
This color teaches you great judgemental skills and makes you a good decision maker who knows how to differentiate between right and wrong. But in case it goes beyond the limit it can make you judgemental as well. 
Those who are in love with nature will surely develop a love of the color green. Just like nature, this color is associated with kindness and generosity. It believes in giving rather than getting and is therefore, represented by your family, friends and people who matter to you. 
Green is an extremely friendly and reliable color that energizes your body and mind and prepares you to deal with the adverse situations of life. It is a color that makes you stable and brings prosperity in your life. But it also has a word of caution because in excess, it can make you over-possessive and develop in you a love of materialistic things. 

The Positive and Negative Traits of the Green color

The importance of the color of Mother earth is immense. It is a natural healer that has magnetic powers to attract people towards it. But you need to be alert with the green color because if nature is a healer on the positive side, it is also a destructor on the negative side. Here are some of the traits of this powerful color:
The Bright Side: Renewal, vitality, restoration, the balancing of the head and the heart, compassionate, kind, loyal and moralistic. 
The Gloomy Side: Possessiveness, materialism, selfish, miserly, over-cautious, full of envy, unfair and obsessed with something. 
Various Effects of the Green color
Who on earth is not affected by green - the color of nature? Probably, no one in this world can confidently say that this color does not bring a change in their mood and perception. Some of the major effects of the color green are as follows:

  1. It revitalizes the body and mind and makes you feel energetic whenever you are low on energy.
  2. Green color covers the entire earth and is known to be the color that nourishes the body and contributes to its growth. 
  3. It provides clarity of mind and helps in making the right decisions during the crucial moments of life.
  4. It aroused in us a desire to own things and collect them to satisfy our materialistic needs. 

The green color creates a harmonious relationship between the body and mind and manages the energies of our body. Therefore, it has a major impact on our life as it gives us the hope that things will get better with time. 

Different Shades of Green Color

The green color is present on this earth in so many shades that it is difficult to recognize each of them. But still there are some variations that can be easily observed in nature and are therefore, discussed as follows:

  1. Lime green - This shade is a color that appeals to the youth as it represents freshness and the feeling of being naive. It encourages playfulness and reduces the negative energies present around you. 
  2. Dark green - The darkness of green moves you towards being ambitious and ignites the desire of gaining more and more wealth in life. 
  3. Pale green - It is the color that can be seen on the new leaves that grow during the spring season and are therefore, a representation of a fresh start and a new life. 
  4. Emerald green - This color infuses creativity in your being and motivates you to get the riches of the world along with a healthy body and mind. 

There are many other shades of green as well and all of them have different meanings and impact on your life. Green is the color that makes the earth alive and ensures the health, wealth and longevity of every person who resides on this earth. Therefore, it is a very significant color for every individual. 

Significance of green color in astrology

In astrology, the green color is said to be the color that represents the planet Mercury. Since green is a color that is hopeful and harmonious in nature, the planet Mercury and its position in the horoscope chart determines the calmness of the mind of the native.
The green color is proved to be extremely beneficial for pregnant ladies and heart patients. But it must be taken care that it does not exceed its limit or else it will result in too much lethargy and that can be harmful for your well-being. 
As per the astrology experts, green color can be used to pacify the Mercury planet and therefore the remedies include the basil leaves that are green in color. Many people are also asked to wear the green emerald to sideline the negative effects of Mercury but this suggestion is made only after properly analyzing the horoscope chart of the person in detail.

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