The Color Turquoise

The Color Turquoise

Have you ever witnessed the beautiful turquoise color in your everyday life? Don’t you feel happy and joyous when you see this amazing color? It appeals to the eyes and works upon the senses in a very subtle way. 
For those people who are not much aware of the existence of this color, it can be said that this color has a bluish-green hue with a tinge of yellow. To know more about this color, you will have to read this article till the end.

What does the turquoise color represent?

Turquoise is a color that brings the hidden feelings of your heart to your mouth in the form of words that are never spoken before. This color helps in expressing your feelings and thoughts and brings you closer to people who matter to you. 
A fusion of blue and a little bit of yellow, this color holds the properties of both these colors. But there is a catch to the traits of this color as it also exhibits the properties of green color that can be said to be its sibling color that is also formed by combining blue and yellow colors in somewhat different quantities. 
So turquoise is a healing color that can calm your mind with the power of blue, energize your body with the power of yellow and create a balance between both and contribute to your overall development with the power of green. 
If at any time in life you feel low, disheartened and depressed then bring this color into your life and you will feel its healing powers on your soul and then you will be ready to overcome the obstacles of your life. 
Clarity of thought is a gift of turquoise as it helps you think in a clear direction so that you never face the dilemma of indecisiveness. It boosts your confidence and prepares you to face the public and speak your mind. 
By surrounding yourself with this color you might feel the enhancement of your spiritual nature. It works upon your intuitive power and brings you closer to your soul and to the Supreme Power that rules over the entire universe. 
Whenever you feel that your life is in a mess and you cannot find a way, concentrate upon this color. And then you will be able to draw strength from it to look forward in life with a confident smile on your face. 

The Positive and Negative traits of turquoise color

Turquoise - a color that is said to be a healing spring - also holds the ability to drown you. Therefore, it is very important to know the pros and cons of this color:
The Bright Side: Advanced communication skills, clear perception in life, emotional and mental balance and healing your inner self. 
The Gloomy Side: Keeping secrets, breaching trust, giving a cold shoulder to others and misleading.

Various Effects of Turquoise Color

A powerful color with the capability to heal - turquoise can deeply impact your life in many different ways. Some of its effects are listed below:

  1. It increases your concentration powers and helps you focus on the positive side of life.
  2. This color can greatly affect your emotions and put a control over them in the most adverse situations.
  3. It soothes your soul and has a calming effect on your mind that can rejuvenate your body and improve your health.
  4. It can also compel you to hide your thoughts and feelings from others and develop the attribute of secrecy. 

The tranquility of turquoise plays a vital role in balancing your emotions during difficult times. But do remember that if you happen to deal with this color excessively then it will result in confusion, overflowing of emotions and you may even lose your way in life. Therefore, it is very important to keep it around you but in a moderate manner. 

Different Shades of turquoise color

Turquoise color has too many variations and each shade is prettier than ever. But what is the nature of these different shades? Let us discuss them one by one:

  1. Teal - A shade that represents elegance and trust and enhances your spiritual growth. 
  2. Aqua - A well-known color with a tinge of green that can refresh your body and stir up your creativity.
  3. Aquamarine - The blissful shade of turquoise that can bring a calm to your senses and inspire your imagination. 

These colors are witnessed in our everyday lives but since we do not know their effects, we tend to take them too lightly. But hopefully now that you know the importance of this cool and calming color, you will make it a part of your life and bring peace to your world. 

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