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The Color Gold

You must have come across many brides who are adorned with gold jewellery on their D-days. Do you know why gold is considered to be the only color that is used for bridal jewellery? Because this color signifies wealth and prosperity and is therefore, said to be a very auspicious color. 
Even as an entity gold holds so much importance in increasing the financial status of a person. If you own a lot of ornaments made of gold, gold biscuits, etc. then it simply indicates that you are rich and prosperous. Similarly, the gold color in itself is so auspicious that it brings abundance and success in your life just by incorporating it into your daily life. 

What does the gold color represent?

Gold is associated with luxury, prestige and elegance that can beautify every element of life. It illuminates the world around you with its powerful radiance and ensures that you lead a life filled with riches and achievements. 

The color gold stands for optimism and positivity and aims at adding sparkles to your life with its lustrous and shining nature. It is associated with wisdom, ideals and enlightenment that will nurture your spiritual self and help you in understanding your inner beauty. 

Gold reflects generosity and compassion and believes in giving its wisdom while getting the attention of others. It is a color worn by the winner who triumphs in the race of life. Maybe that is the reason that gold medals are used in competition to adorn the one that proves to be the best. 

The warmth and brightness of gold color develops self-confidence in your being and connects you with your soul on a deeper level. It is also associated with being royal and elegant and intelligent and therefore, you must utilize this color in a manner that is beneficial to you.

But do remember that excessive use of gold may lead to unhealthy results as this can make you an egoistic and overambitious person. With the overconfidence of winning every time you may develop a fear of failure. Also, many times the more you get the greedy you become, so make sure that your kindness and generosity is never sacrificed even when you become extremely rich. 

The Positive and Negative Traits of gold color

You must have heard the old proverb, “not everything that glitters is gold.” On similar lines, it can be said that gold not only brightens your life but also darkens it if it is not handled in a proper manner. Here are some of the positive and negative qualities of this color:

The Bright Side: wealth, wisdom, charismatic appearance, successful, optimism, positivity and compassion. 

The Gloomy Side: Fear of failure, selfishness, trust issues, egotism, self-centeredness, miserly and mean. 

Various effects of gold color

Gold is a color that is dear to all of us. Its importance is incomparable and its impact on our lives is even more powerful. Some of its effects are as follows:

  1. This lustrous color adds brilliance to your life and makes you knowledgeable and wise in all matters. 
  2. It inspires you to gain spiritual wisdom and make a deep bonding with the divine consciousness that rules over the entire universe.
  3. It adds to your personality the attributes of love, care, compassion and generosity towards all individuals.
  4. It motivates you to share your knowledge and wealth with others and not just focus on your own needs. 

Gold is an essential color that plays a very vital role in our lives. Be it in the form of a beautiful jewellery or a token of success, gold is always a color that is precious to us. Therefore, it is very important to be surrounded by this color and enjoy all its benefits while taking care that its overuse does not harm you in any way. 

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