The Color Brown

The Color Brown

Have you ever felt that the color brown is an essential part of our everyday lives? The woods that we use in our everyday life in different forms are brown in color. The soil that is used to grow crops and make vessels is brown in color. So is it possible that the brown color actually nourishes our inner needs?

Brown color is a very stable color that depicts structural support along with a serious and friendly nature at the same time. It gives us protection in unusual ways that we are often unable to understand. It gives us a sense of belongingness and signifies materialistic wealth and possessions. 

What Does the Brown Color Represent?

Brown color actually represents stability, security and comfort. Look at it from this perspective, our house is built on a foundation that includes wooden sticks that are brown in color - it provides us with a stable structure.

Similarly, the windows and doors are made of wood and are usually brown in color - they secure us from the outside world; and the furniture that decorates our home is usually brown in color - it shows our materialistic goods that help us lead a luxurious and comfortable life. 

Therefore, this simple color forms the very basis of our peaceful existence by adding quality and grandeur to our life. It is said to be a down-to-earth color (soil is also brown) and helps us remain footed in the ground. It makes us aware of who we are and what our limitations are (one day we all will mix with this soil and turn brown in color).

It is a color that represents hard work and honesty and connects us to the natural world depicted by the forests and the farms. The sensitivity of this color never lets arrogance enter our minds and helps us in remaining grounded to our environment. 

The brown color develops in us the feelings of calmness and maturity and makes us learn that we must not waste the materialistic things that we possess. It aims at improving the quality of our lives and helps us deal with the challenges of life by giving us a stable structure that covers our back at all times!

The Positive and Negative Traits of Brown Color

Let us now discuss the positive and negative traits of the color brown:

The Bright Side: Practicality, support, qualitative, sensibility, warmth, sincerity, friendliness, approachability and comfort. 

The Gloomy Side: Dullness, boredom, overly materialistic, humorless, unsophisticated, plain, miserly and cheap.

Various Effects of Brown Color

Brown color forms a part of our daily lives and impacts us in many ways:

  1. It comforts us with a sensuousness and warmth that is incomparable to any other color.
  2. Its friendly vibrations provide a sense of safety and satisfaction as if we are protected from the vices of the outside world.
  3. It provides the immense support of friends and family and makes us feel that we are never alone.
  4. It inspires us to improve the quality of our lives by accumulating materialistic things that will ease out the hardships of our life. 

Although brown seems to be a dull color that is often rejected by people for it is not very beautiful in nature, it is important as it signifies strength and stability and stands for protection, luxury and growth. 

Significance of Brown Color in Astrology

As per astrology experts, brown color is said to be the color of the shadowy planet Ketu. It is a well-established fact that this planet can lead to many problems in our life if it is not in a favorable position in our horoscope chart. 

This is why brown-colored substances such as wild ginger, bayberry, passion flower, etc. are used to pacify this planet and protect ourselves from its ill-effects. If you also want to save yourself from the disastrous impact of Ketu, then you must contact an expert astrologer who can tell many more ways to woo this planet in your favor. 

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